Revealed at last : THE FANTASTIC FOUR!!

Go here for pictures of the actors in costume!!

Mmm, Sue looks a little too sexy (she’s supposed to be the motherly type), but hey, I have no problem with THAT. ; )

Reed is OK;

Johnny should be BLONDE!

The Thing costume is OK; it seems they’re using the ORIGINAL design from the comics (The Thing was lumpy before he was rocky-skinned.) BTW, I hear the damn thing weights 70 pounds and has NO cooling system. Imagine acting in THAT!

Also on this page: News on the next Batman Movie, and on the Smallville season premiere. Enjoy.

Cool. Apart from Johnny’s air, obviously. >:(

Superhero moves so far seem to be avoiding the trends = crab rule (Catwoman doesn’t count >_>), so hopefully thi’ll be good. I remeber reading FF when I was a kid. :smiley:

I don’t think it really matters if Johnny’s blonde or not. The Kingpin’s white, but Michael Clarke Duncan still did a good job portraying that character in Daredevil.

The blondeness is a little of a throw off, but it wont be a problem, cause he’s on fire often enough that it don’t matter. The Sue hottness does actually bother me though. I know what you are thinking: “what the hell? we should be happy when there are hot women in the movies!” And normally I agree, but for me, I think that they are going to end up devaluing the character. Sue is awsome cause she got a mind that rocks, and a motherly-ish personality. Making her look that young and hot, methinks will reduce her seriousness factor, and devalue her character’s supreme badassness.

This definately looks interesting, to say the least.

On another note, I’ve heard that the incoming Batman movie is a train wreck in the making.

The old Fantastic Four movie will always be the best.

I remember when I was talking about the members of the fantastic 4 with my friends, and my dad was an ear shot away.

I mentioned the “invisible woman” and my dad said “Oh you mean your girlfriend?”

Your dad rocks.

Not as much as your mom.

Cool Jessica Alba’s playing Sue.

Reed and Sue look too young.
They’re supposed to be middle-aged!

At least they were in the last Marvel comic I read.

Cool costumes. :cool:

Agreed, and why the hell does Mr. Fantastic have white in his hair if he looks that damn young?! Fuck young actors. Oh well, the Incredibles is going to be better than this but I’m still excited.

And um… Ben’s costume is falling apart. O_o

They look young because they were young-ish when they first appeared. Notice Sue’s being called The Invisible Girl. She’s not yet married to Reed, and not yet a mother (just an older sister to Johnny). As for Jessica Alba, quite frankly she doesn’t look that different from the Sue drawn just a few years ago.

Reed looks like Jon Stewart from The Daily Show is playing him.

My friends and I bought a bootleg copy of the that at a comic convention. It was fucking brilliant.

If only Jon Stewart were playing him…