Resident Evil: Nemesis

Yes, I’m old. I finally bought this game. My original intention was to get FF Origins, but my local store was booked out of that game for months, and unless I wanted to spend $50 at Wal-Mart, I’d have to wait forever. But this game was up there, giving me a nasty grin. Besides, I’m an RE fan, and it was only $15.

Anyway, this game simply ownz over the rest of the series I’ve seen, for many reasons:

  1. Jill’s outfit is nice, even though she isn’t as cute as Claire.
  2. Big weapons of mass destruction. How about starting the game WITH A FREAKING ASSAULT RIFLE?! Now THAT’S style!
  3. Brad finally dies. Serves him right, running off on you in the first game like that. The only useful thing he ever did was give you a rocket launcher to take Tyrant out with.
  4. Since the game starts out just before RE2 begins, we get to see an entirely different side of the story. The plot from RE2 is built upon greatly, with more names and history thrown in.
  5. ZOMBIES!!!
  6. Nemesis is simply the ugliest prick I’ve ever laid my eyes upon. I mean, this guy has a face no mother could love! And he gets to carry a rocket launcher, even though he likes to either punch you or use it as a club. Well, you can’t fault the guy for efficency.

There. Now all you RE-hating nutcases can tear me apart.

Yeah… but Origins is better…

I’d have to disagree. Nemesis was my least favorite in the series (with RE2 and RE:CV on Dreamcast being my favorites). Well, Zero might be my least favorite, but 3 is right next to it. I just found it to be much too easy, what with the dodging and all.

Isn’t Nemesis the one with the guy that follows you constantly? That was annoying as hell.

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I think the guy following you was the only thing I liked in Nemesis. That’s probably why I liked Clock Tower 3 (as aggravating as that game was).

Well, he was pissing me off after awhile. I just wanted to kill him.

“If I see that donkey backstage… I’m just gonna kill 'em…”

RE : Nemesis was actually the game that got me into loving the RE series. I liked how you were always chased, it gave me a sense of suspense. It’s a good game, although some peeps don’t like the control of RE. At any rate it’s worth giving a try. Who knows you might actually like it.

Nemesis also got me hooked on the RE series… I just couldn’t stand the inventory system in RE, skipped RE2 but then I just got hooked to RE: Nemesis, and then I went and played 'em all…

Nemisis is fun, but the controls blow ass. Thats the only thing that really turns me from the series as a whole.

I never really played Nemesis, despite being a big RE fan, although I will get 2/Nemesis for GCN when it comes out (eventually)… it was seeing RE3 for £35 next to RE:CV for £20 in my local GAME which left me a little… curious, to say the least :hmm: (2 year old PSX conversion almost twice as much as made-for DC game? odd)

DC is being cleared out everywhere. Though I don’t know why Nemesis would be that much. It’s gone “greatest hits” here in the states, and I’d think that Capcom would lower it’s price across the pond, too. If not, see if you can’t find a cheap TV modulator (to play games in NTSC format) and pick up a US copy with an import converter. Heck, all of that should only cost you about $40 USD which is somewhere around £25.

Umm… I must have you confused, this was actually 18 months ago, shortly after Nemsis came out for DC :wink: it confused me then and it confused me now… I could probably pick it up, truth be told, for about 2 or 3 quid second-hand (which actually sounds like a pretty good deal, to be honest :slight_smile: )

Ohh… when it first came out for dreamcast, that makes a lot more sense. :smiley:

Well, it still came out at $20 here (whereas CV had come out at $50 but had already dropped to about $30). RE2 came out at $20 as well on DC. Though both came out at $40 for GCN… O_o

RE2 & 3 weren’t in a compilation pack? I could’ve sworn that was how they were going to release them :hmm:

ah well, maybe in Europe they will :o :wink:

man, the first Resident Evil is the best, 2 & 3 are ok also, just not that good