Resident Evil 4

I don’t have a direct link to anything concerning the story or any screenies (go Google, you lazy asses), but it looks to be kick ass from what I’ve seen. The story revolves around Leon 4 (I think) years after RE; Umbrella Corp. is gone, as are the zombies and such. You go down to South America (Brazil, I believe), where you investigate a town where people are acting freaky. The AI is s’posed to be great; I’ve heard that the townspeople try to drag you into traps and stuff.

Sounds good. And there’re two additional camera views and possibly a sniper rifle. Discuss.

…mmm… sniper rifle…

It’s not RE without the zombies. THE END

Its not for PS2 so im trully sad i cant get it wish i could.

It sounds awesome. From the way they make the villagers sound, they might as well be zombies. Anyway, until more details come out I’m waiting with baited breath for RE : Outbreak.

Silent Hill 4 : The Room > Resident Evil 4 8P

Silent Hill 4 sound sweet too. Btw anyone play SH3?

Darkil, have you seen the SH4 trailer ? It’s quite disturbing.


Resident Evil 4? Hasn’t that been waiting for a release date since the release of the Gamecube over two years ago?

Yeah DG that was pretty good stuff on that trailer. When it first opened I thought it was a shot of a real street then I realized that was in game! I’ve always been impressed with Silent Hill and this trailer doesn’t disappoint. Thanks for showing me the link :slight_smile:

I saw the SH4 preview and saw the trailer, and I’m like “budgeting money for SH4 first.”

I’ve never been a real big fan of the Resident Evil series.

I like the RE series. Yes, Silent Hill is scarier, and generally better in all regards, but RE has a MUCH better armory, more variety of enemies per game, and the Tyrants could easily kick the SH villains’ asses.

Too bad I probably won’t be able to play it. Not only do I have to get a Gamecube, I also have Silent Hill 4 to save up for. That, and I pray they just create some sense of continuity in the RE series, instead of sticking characters in radically different areas for no reason.

I can’t believe this is Resident Evil!
Maybe I should get a GC instead of XBox…

Wow, that looks painful.

And yes, IMO you should get a Gamecube instead of an X-Box anyway.

Originally posted by sun
[b]I can’t believe this is Resident Evil!
Maybe I should get a GC instead of XBox…


I’m pretty sure that’s a pre-rendered pic, not real time in game.

And No. IMO, you should get a Xbox.

No you should get both