Request please

I need to get alot digimon sprites for all sides Front,Back,Right side,Left side about the size of this Nes :cool:

really i need some sprites of cait sith.

i also need to know how to make sprites.

please help. :moogle:

<div align=“center”>This is a pixel:

<img src=“”>

This is a sprite:

<img src=“”>

Any questions?</div>

how do i make them?

and how do i make them look more like cait sith and less like those pills off of dr.mario? :moogle:

You align the pixels in the shape of Cait Sith.


me need more info.
like do i need a speacial program?
is there a place where i can use already made sprites?
why is there pain in the world?
do you know the muffin man? :moogle:

Yes, MSPaint.
Just steal them.
Cause God doesn’t want us to become divinely dependant.
Never met the man.

where do i get that?
is it like the paint in my start menue?
how do i steal them?
is this getting anoying? :moogle:

Dude you’re hopeless.

  • goes into fettle position and starts crying* :moogle:

It’s not fettle, it’s fetal, adjective form of fetus.

I hope you get shot in the mouth.

Calm down children.