Replacing the safety bunnies by Anubis the egyptian Death God

…might not be such a great idea.

See why

Anubis symbolized embalment, not outright death >< But yeah it’s said that if you seen him, you’d die shortly afterwards and…that’s what makes it funny to me cuz his warnings and image are totally contradictory. Tee hee I like comic-Anubis.

That’s awesome. :smiley:

O… K…
Well, I have to agree with those kds when they say that they didn’t get a fucking word of what he said, but it’s still cool :smiley:

How…strangely amusing. :smiley:

I think it’s a good idea.
We would have a lot less brats around!

<img src=“”> I liked that comic there for just the reason Anubis was happy to help (with a big grin), but nobody understand a word he said. Speaking of Anubis, anyone remember the weird Freakazoid segement about “Anubis Mart - Look for the store with the Anubis headed man”?

Anubis was the original god of Death, and he still handled the affairs of the underworld, all Osiris did was sit there and judge people. Or whoever became the God of Death after Set killed them.