Rent a Hero No.1

Anyone else look at this game, yes this quirky RPG is coming to the states of the XBOX.

XBOX has a good line up of games coming out, and it makes me happy I bought one. I’ve been getting info on this game and I must say it sounds damn cool. It is made by SEGA so you know it’s got brownie points with it’s comapny. I haven’t found a official release date, I’ve seen previews in mags but all I find is Q2 2003… And well we’re in Q2, so it could be soon?

So. It’s a game where you rent a hero and have them do what? It’d be nice if you could post a link to some information because the title sounds interesting.

rents a hero to beat up her liars-to-children ( teachers )

Heroes don’t charge any money to do good things, so the title is already a paradox.

Sounds like ‘Scud: The Disposable Assassin’

Bah. Hero City (Or whatever the title) (PC Game) all the way =P

agrees with Booken whole heartedly

GCN and PS2 still own it. :stuck_out_tongue:

I didn’t know this was an RPG. I do know that you play a male hero and a female hero (don’t know the names for the 1st game was kind of like Final Fight, yet much more lame). I don’t know the object but if I remember right, the male hero wore boxing gloves and has a blue suit and shorts (or something of the like).

Ok, well it’s a game where you go around a large town doing things for people, from fighting off big evil robots, all the way to delivering groceries.

Look it up yourself… I’m too lazy to post a link -.- Tired…

But I think it looks awsome and I reeeallly want it.

omg! scud was sweet!

I can’t say I’ve heard of this ‘Scud’ game before…