Remember those fancy posts that were actually jibberish?

Some academic conferences will actually accept them for publication!

As do some publishers (looks pointedly at PublishAmerica)

LOL, you have no clue how true that is until you take a Masters in Computer Science. Most papers seem to be written expressively to be unreadable. It often takes me five or six tries until I get what they’re saying.

Having said that, this paper looks like it’d make a great thesis topic. 8D It’s still mainly unreadable, but it’s the coolest CS paper I’ve ever seen. It was part of CHI (Conference on Human Factors in Computer Science… no the acronym doesn’t make sense) in 2004. I couldn’t believe they accepted it… it’s like an excuse to play Ultima Online for a year.

That is so cool

The atomic equilibrium in the particle nova is obviously a facet of the meta-ganges.

fucking awesome

Too bad something like that wouldn’t pass at my university. Believe me, a lot have tried.

Law is where the uncomprehendable jargon is at.