Remember Macc Maverick?

Who are you again? :confused:

I’m Uriel.


No! Impossible! But you were destroyed! I saw your command ship fly into the jaws of the Nightmare Child.

Not this again.

Are you sure it wasn’t a baby grand?

Would somebody please suggest a forum that is as cool as this place used to be?

All the old guys here are almost 30 anyway, so it makes sense that his place isn’t thriving the way it used to! But it’s true… the past year has seen a big degradation in the forum’s quality.

And I’m afraid that any other boards with the same topics, but populated by teenagers, would be unbearable to us due to all the angst.

And wait, does this mean that Willfredo is nearing his 50’s (or maybe 60’s) now?

Yeah, even I don’t really come here anymore. I still play games though.

X2K? That guy was a douche. I do miss Macc’s mailbad and the other comic he did, which escapes me. It was looong though. This place used to be great though, it certainly had a great run of things. Always fun, and long winded to be sure. I wish I had Starcraft 2 so I could play with you guys :\

I wish that there were still interesting political and economic debates going on here that I could give a (somewhat) sensible and (almost) mature reaction too. You guys really did have a lot to say and man, it was interesting to read. I really did enjoy the time I spent here, even if I was only a peripheral presence. Still, a few good friends made.

Double post…stupid iphone

Wyes i really am Uriel. I’ve been coming back & forth here even after my banning. I still read Spoony’s comics, use all the shrines (currently using the xenogears for the deathblow list, the saga frontier for the walkthroughs cause i can’t remember it, & i wish you had Rhapsody lol), & idle I’n the irc room from time to time. I go to prison for 4 years & this place dies…it makes me sad. I think I’ll go recruit people from other places to come here…Rainbow Resort is having the same thing happen… :frowning:

You know, you could do something about that. :hint: