Remember Macc Maverick?

Remember how he did those T.O.O.T.S comics where he was working for Ted Bundy and Cidolfas was there and he loved to eat limes. how awesome was that guy? I was his biggest fan but now he’s been gone for like 8 years. sucks bro. this sucks.

here’s some limes, bro. To good memories.

I thought it was lemons.

Who can be sure? the records were lost in time…

he in holland smokin weed everyday bro, light a fatty j for my forever bro macc 2 da maverick

Nope, definitely lemons.

I liked his Mailbag stint better though.

It was lemons. And the mailbag’s official name is the “mailbad”.

I know Macc’s real name!

Yes, it ws lemons. The mailbags were a lot of fun.

No it hasn’t been eight years. He dropped by on the Temporary Agora during the Nearly Third Great Deletion.

I wish I could nostalgia like this.

I second that! :’(


I came back…although I’ve changed much, I didn’t expect for this place to be deserted. I miss Spoony, Merl, & most of all…X2K

I see Spoony regularly, Macc semi-regular, but Merlin is lost to the abyss of life and possibly the responsibilities attached to procreation.

So is life.

HA! Merlin had sex with women and got one pregnant?! What a faaag!!!


Yes because having heterosexual sex for the purpose of procreation is the most homosexual thing someone can do.

It’s even more gayer than pro wrestling.


Sounds like Merl had a baby dropped on him. A whole meatbag of organs to crawl out from under. :merlin:

HA! I forgot about pianos falling on Merl. RPGC was so pure of heart in the olden days. That kind of slap stick shit passed as humor cuz we werent all cynical assholes.

You weren’t all cynical assholes? I thought it was the cynicism that caused me to go apeshit on everyone & get banned from the chat, boards, etc.

I’ve got a sense of humor now.