Remember Alf? Well he's back... IN METAL FORM!
This is quite possibly one of the best things to ever show up on the internet. Ever.

BTW I can’t take credit for that thread title, not only is it a Simpsons reference, but I literally stole it word for word practically from where I got it. Yeah. Just a heads up.

This is… just… bullshit.

Nay, I didn’t really like Alf in the first place anyway.


Grah, is nothing holy?

Since when did you care about “holy” things, Nul?

I don’t, you’re free to rip my childhood memories apart all you like.

They had Alf in Norway?

Yes, we had about everything back then, before the pirate channels closed down and were replaced by commericalised crap.

that one’s been answered over and over with the same quote, but no. it gets more obvious with each passing day doesn’t it?

my friend has a tattoo on his leg of Alf with switchblades behind him.


Wow…thats just funny, lol.

Thats all messed up.

Really messed up.

I want my 3 minutes of life and my sanity back please.

… What the hell?

Okay. But I don’t know your childhood memories. Too bad for me, it would’ve been fun.

Although I do not remember much about Alf, he is cool in my book just for being in this.