Regarding the fanfic "Sonic: Sketchy"

Not only did the author, Sean Catlett, decide not to finish the story, but now he’s removed it fom FF.Net altogether when I fancied a re-read. I had it saved to my computer at one point, though I can’t find it anywhere now. I can’t remember who recommended this story originally (might have been Pierson, maybe?), but I’m wondering if anyone saved it, and if they did, whether they can send it to me :smiley:

puppy-dog eyes

Prepare your bodies, everyone…this is going to be the biggest bump in the history of forever.

FOREVER, I tell you!

As far as I’m aware, the only remaining permanent backup of this ancient (ancient) story resides right here.

(Of course, not that the OP will ever know their question has been answered…or cares anymore…but the question HAS BEEN ANSWERED! Let us celebrate and join in great festivities on this glorious day!)

send them a PM, maybe their email account is still active.