Regarding Donations

I wasn’t kidding about what I said in the “Due to lack of funds” joke, I just wasn’t aware that RPGC wasn’t at the point of self-suffiency yet. RPGC has no correspondance address in the Site Charter, so Staffers, post or PM an address, thanks.

There’s a big paypal button on the main page

As previously mentioned, I have no credit card. Thanks for your sarcasm.

Pay pal dpsen’t need a cc last I checked.

Paypal only asks you to sign up and enter a bank account last time I looked. You don’t, I beleive, need to enter a CC to send money from it. Just sign up.

It’s credit or debit to use paypal, of which I have neither. Once again, ADDRESS.

The person you want to send your money to is Merlin, so PM him.

And don’t be so fussy, damn.

No sarcasm was intended, I did not read your post where you said you didn’t have a credit card.

You can’t really send money long distance without a credit card, debit card, checking account, or SOME sort of bank account. You can’t send cash by mail, you just can’t, it will be stolen.

Just get a money order

just contact me at aldred.

Thanks. And my apologies, TD.