Red or Blue?


Pokemon Red for sure. You get Vulpix, Electabuzz, Ekans, BELLSPROUT, which turns into victreebell by the way. oh yeah. And Charizard is on the cover. beat that.

Blue as the ocean. Basic blue and basic red pretty much suck.

Don’t you get it? The Red Team and the Blue Team are the exact same team!

Why can’t the teams put aside their colors and stand united?

Blastoise will Hydro Pump that over-sized lizard of yours.

depends on my mood really. Though really, if we’re talking pokemon I prefer yellow =p

Blue! Blue, like the sky! Blue like the union on the US flag! Blue!

Anyone who votes red is a commie!

Red reminds me of McDonalds and therefore = bad.
Plus my Trail Blazer is Blue. Blue - 80000, Red -0.

Red, because they’ve got Sarge, and he created the word “Chupa-thingy”.

Blue is such a much deeper, more thoughtful, mysterious color. You know how the afterimage of a light as seen on the back of your eyelid transitions through the entire spectrum? That blue, that vivid blue that lies right on the edge of violet, that is a good blue.

Red’s a good strong color, an aggressive one. As such, I always play red in Risk. The plastic commies have taken the world manyatime at my command.

Blue wins, though. Red’s superficial in comparison.

blue is closest to my favorite colors, purple and green, so I say blue.

Did you know that the post before yours was over a year and a half ago?

I say blue because it’s not read. Of course, I could have said red with the same reason.

is this forum supposed to be about poke’mon or red vs. blue?

if it is in fact red vs. blue then that is a hard choice…I would probably have to say blue though because I like Caboose…but then again red has Donut.

I dunno.


I again assert the fact that the Red Team and the Blue Team are, in fact, THE EXACT SAME TEAM.

Also, when you combine red and blue, you get purple. The 984 is purple. Why choose when you can have both and have something all the better?

Doc is purple…he’s not that great

No it wasn’t. Look again.

Red, comrades!

Still, it’s almost an 8 month gap