Recruiting Players for a High Seas/Oceanic/Island Campaign

Hi, everybody, a friend of mine is starting up a new D&D Campaign, in a oceanic setting, with everyone starting at 5th level with standard gold. Character Generation is either standard point buy or rolling.

Oceanic as in aquatic? As in I could have a paladin with a Shark for a mount? If so, count me in.

I’m fairly sure we’ll be above water most of the time, but yes, you can have a shark mount. Finding a way to breathe underwater is your problem. Another problem is that the game will take place in my old timeslot and this conflicts with your work.

Is this still active? Sounds interesting to me. Pirates. :o

The DM believes he has too many players so, the recruiting period is over.

Aww. :frowning:
Oh well.

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Edit: You should come watch us play, Dearest Why-Pee. :slight_smile:

That is fucking awesome. Where do I go to watch this insanity?

The game hasn’t started yet. It’s looking promisnig though with our current players.
<ul><li>Eden as some crazy Psionic dude.
<li>HH as… I dunno, but I’m sure he’ll go crazy too.
<li>VS as a really dumb Paladin. Dumb is sometimes better than crazy.
<li>Kor as something or other. He never goes crazy. :frowning:
<li>Chris as a Rogue/Swashbuckler thing. It’s almost a ninja pirate!
<li>Pink as… something. I don’t think it will be crazy. :frowning:
<li>ME! The Ruda as a Monkey Shaman Sailor Pirate Thingy! :D</ul>

The paladin’s not so much dumb as gullible and unwise.

Thus making him seem very dumb.

I’m a bard, and no, crazy isn’t my style.

And to answer YP’s question, It’ll start tomorrow at 4:00 east i think, in #sigil if i’m not mistaken.

Alright, I’ll make a note of it, and attempt to attend. It sounds really interesting. :smiley:

Ummm, i realize i should rephrase that. It’ll continue, Today (saturday) at 4:00 pm est. in #sigil.

That’s what you get for staying up late pink.

Oshi- I’m missing it. ;_;

you’ve missed it

What is this race of monkeydom, Drop Bear? What monkey glory is this?

Oh, and it wouldn’t conflict with my work any more, since I got fired, HH. More of a ‘we just realized we don’t make enough money to pay you,’ than really fired, but still. Now I’m a semi-free man.