Recording from VHS to DVD

My grandmother’s trying to burn VHS tapes on DVDs. I’ve looked at her computer several times, and while I know she has all the needed parts, I have no clue what the hell I’m doing. Can anyone tell me how to do this (through a computer)?

Well, for starters, I would think you’d need a television and not a computer.

Then you would need a DVD Recorder and a VCR hooked up to a television. Play the tape, set the DVD Recorder to record what’s playing on the television and voila - you have a made a Tape to DVD copy.

I guess?

Get the outputs of your PC in the input of the VCR. The video and audio outputs depend on the boards you have installed. Every computer has an audio output these days, but only some video boards provide video output. It’d be way easier if you tried this with a standalone DVD player instead of a PC.

You don’t need a TV, but using one makes it 10x easier since you can check if it’s working properly. Hook the DVD to the VCR and the VCR to the TV.

By the way, some DVD devices have anti-copy protection. Mine, for example, is able to detect VCR’s hooked to it (no matter if they are old or modern VCR’s). When it detects one it scrambles or blanks out the images of most movies.

No, you need video and audio inputs in the computer, then you “rip” the incoming video using some program, then burn it using some burning program. And that’s assuming you have a DVD burner. And you can only rip video in real time.

Seen as i’ve Made a VCD From VHS (VCD Presedes DVD) I think I can help getting to your PC. Seen as i don’t have where your doing this i tell you how i’ve done mine.

As pointed out above if you want VHS on your PC, you have to have TV inputs. I see 2 routes, “SCART/S-video” and “RF” method of entry.

Most UK Videos have a SCART plug, you can Plug an anadapter (Scart out(I think it’s called)) in the back which converts it to the S-video standard (Yellow/Red/white Plugs.) (Some videos Have S-Video outputs, btw). These Connect to the inputs of your Tv card. All you have to do is select S-Video as your scorce. (For a note S-Video is also the standard that the UK PS2 uses and It can be used for snapping FF pics (Send them to CID). The surplied adapter is Useless.)

RF is simple but less quality and you have to tune your TV-card to your video (This is a bit of trial and error, (Some tellys do tell you what frequencey your video transmits)). This is the cheaper option.

Just make sure Video output to Tv card input. and you can see the Video playing. You should let the Video over run if possible, and then edit it, then Burn.

Note about TV cards, I wouldn’t recomned the Hauppauge WinTV-USB for this work, the Quality is poor.

Big Nutter
Take a Looks at Tv card instructions. they should help more than i.

Er, sorry, I misread the stuff and thought he wanted to pass movies from DVD’s to tapes, and not the other way around.