Recommend me some cool RPGS for PS2

I got $200.00 CDN in my pocket. Probably gonna spend it on games, one being God of War.

I am looking for a RPG with a solid storyline and/or gameplay that will last me a while.

I already played:

Most FFs
Xenosaga Ep 1 (not interested in Ep 2, for now)
Star Ocean TTEOT
Castlevania Symphony of the night
Kingdom Hearts
Chrono Cross/Trigger
Vagrant Story
Grandia 1 and 2

Thanks in advance.

Allow me to be the first to reccomend Nippon Icchi’s tactical RPGs. Disgaea: Hour of Darkness most of all, that game absolutely rocks. If you enjoy that, look into La Pucelle Tactics and Phantom Brave, both of which also rock.

If you’ve not played any of the Wild ARMs games, be sure to give them a shot as well. You won’t miss much by not playing them in order.

I am not really into tactical RPGs. The only one I enjoyed was FF Tactics, but that’s because of the plot and music.

Dark Cloud/Dark Cloud 2
the new Musashi game(can’t remember the name of it)
Dragon Quest VIII(when it is released here in NA, may actually purchase a PS2 just to have it)
Tales of Eternia

I would have suggested Growlanser Generations, but you mentioned not liking TRPGs

Star Ocean: Till the End of Time (which I’m aware you already mentioned) is by far the best time I’ve had playing an RPG on my PS2 so far. Runner up would be Ys: Ark of Napishtim, but then, I’m a fan of the Ys series. Kingdom Hearts was pretty fun, Wild ARMs 3 was good, Suikoden IV was okay, and the .hack series is alright if you get all four, and are willing to go through them all at once. Other than that, I’ve been either unimpressed or straight-out disappointed with any other PS2 RPGs I’ve played.

If you’re taking PS1 into account as well, Wild ARMs (1), Xenogears, Lunar (both of them), FFOrigins, FFIX, and Grandia were all very good. I loved Dragon Warrior VII, but look who you’re talking to. Most people probably wouldn’t, though. I don’t personally consider Castlevania: Symphony of the Night to be an RPG, but I do consider it to be one of the finest games I’ve ever played. Period.

If you needed some starting choices, based on your budget, I’d definitely go with Star Ocean 3, and then try to spend the remainder on cheaper games. Many Blockbuster Videos have Castlevania: SotN new for $14.99, FFOrigins can be found new for $14.99 as well. FFIX and Kingdom Hearts are both down to $19.99, as are many others. Of course, I’m talking USD and you’re talking CDN, so I’m not sure what the prices are up there.

[edit] Oh, and don’t forget memory cards! It’s $24.99 USD for a PS2 memory card, and somewhere around $14.99 for a PS1. You’re going to need both if you’re playing games from both systems (even if you’re playing them all on PS2), so don’t forget that as you spend your money!

Buy a Saturn and Panzer Dragoon Saga with you $200 CDN. Best use of money possible.

Wait, Mr. Saturn loves a PS2 RPG more than Ys VI? Suikoden IV is “okay” but Suikoden III is not worthy of mention at all? Why?!

I would suggest Suikoden IV and I would suggest against SO3. It has, by far, the worst plot I’ve ever experienced in any game I’ve ever played.

I may be a Falcom fan (I say as I consider going back and playing Faxanadu… again), but the Enix factor far outweighs the Falcom factor. And I was just blown away by Star Ocean 3. The music, the battle system, everything. I was just impressed. As for Suikoden III, it falls into that other category I mentioned about being unimpressed or disappointed. Unfortunately, Suik 3 disappointed me. Not that it was a terrible game, it just didn’t have the same feel as the others, and I really really hated what they did with the battle system. I’m glad they somewhat reverted in Suik 4.

While I, of course, allow anyone to be entitled to their own opinion, I couldn’t disagree more. I thought Star Ocean III had a fine plot. I can only remember one really hokey moment (when the two lovers died, almost simultaneously, on each other… -_- ), and while the plot twists near the end were a little outlandish, even enraging, I didn’t feel they detracted from the gameplay.

Even if you don’t like the plot though, I can list about two dozen games that’d make my list of “worst plot I’ve ever experienced” well before I approach Star Ocean. I’d start the list with Turok Evolution though <A HREF=“”>Metal Gear Solid 2</A> isn’t far behind. I don’t know how many of you played Turok Evolution, but let me explain it. You’re a time-travelling dinosaur hunting Native American who goes toe-to-toe with a cyborg confederate general who can control the dinosaurs’ minds. Oh, and the general’s name is Tobias S. Bruckner. Yeah. Think about that.

Get Arc the Lad Collection and the Wild Arms games.

Isn’t that like your lunch money? Silly Canadian.

If you don’t mind an RPG with a not-so-thrilling story, I recommend Legaia: Duel Saga. It’s got a unique battle system, there’s plenty of stuff to do outside of battle, the villians are wacky at best, and it’s lots of fun.

Of course, I’m also going to recommend WA3, but everybody who read this thread saw that coming.


How about Unlimited Saga?

Definitly get Shadow hearts 1 and 2,1 is probably very cheap now and 2 in the 40 bucks or so.

I still say buy a Saturn and Panzer Dragoon Saga.

I hate that game with a burning passion. It just has this lingering aura of suck that I could barely stand.

I must second Arc the Lad Collection, though Arc 2 can get a little tedious.

Also, while they aren’t rpgs, I must recommend that you pick up one of the Armored Core games. Sweet mechanized destruction at its finest.

If you said you’re not into tactical RPGs, ignore the Arc the Lad suggestions. I do second Legaia 2, I had almost forgotten that game. It’s not great, but it’s probably worth less than $20 now.

I haven’t played either Shadow Hearts game personally, but I’ve heard good things about them, and <A HREF=“”>EB has Shadow Hearts 2 on sale for $20 USD right now</A>.

Dragon Warrior VII should take you awhile, depending on how much you like the class system.

If you can find Suikoden 2 you should definitely pick that up. One of the best stories I’ve seen, and it’ll take you quite a while to get everything, especially if you don’t use a guide.

Though if you do find a guide, go ahead and pick that up as well. Sometimes the Suikoden 2 guide goes for more on ebay than the game does…

If you’re not into tactical games but considering an Arc the Lads game I would suggest Arc the Lad: Twilight of the Spirits. Which is the PS2 version, it’s more of a standard RPG when compared to the rest of the series and it’s a pretty good game.