Recomend me some anime?

Yes I saw the recommendation thread, but none of those things really stood out. A few things I want to watch but am not sure about are Witch Hunter Robin, Vampire Hunter D, and Ergo Proxy. I am looking for something post apocalyptic or Sci-Fi, but really if it makes me cry I will be happy with it.

few things I have seen:
Cowboy Bebop
Wolf’s Rain
Samurai Champloo
Gun X Sword
Gunslinger Girl
Black Blood Brothers
Full Metal Alchemist
Inuyasha (ugh, only for Sesshoumaru)
Outlaw Star(most of it, got bored halfway through)
Witch Blade
Blood+(stopped early on, didn’t hold me)
Ghost in the Shell (original movie and most of Stand Alone Complex & Second Gig

Post-apocalyptic, sci-fi, and likely to make someone cry? Now and Then, Here and There.

I haven’t seen Ergo Proxy or Vampire Hunter D, but I liked WHR. It’s a little slow-going in the beginning and on the episodic side, but partway through the game and the focus changes. I didn’t consider it a waste of time to watch it. I wish Eva were here, I remember how crazy she was about that show back when I was asking about it.

Darker Than Black

I love Mythical Detective Loki Ragnarok. It has episodes that will make you cry, but other than that I doubt it’s what you’re looking for. It’s still quality anime. With buttsex (note: no buttsex contained within anime).

You like the dark, gritty stuff, eh? Well how about Ghost in the Shell and Shangri-La

I can’t believe I forgot to list Ghost in the Shell, that is one of my favourites.

Death Note (I’ll assume you’ve watched it, didn’t see it mentioned.)

maybe something else…but I don’t watch that much anime.

Oh yea, death note too.

If your into romance and funny anime then I would recommend Saiunkoku Monogatari and Gakuen Alice …I really like it when I have watch that anime

I’m going to recommend Eureka Seven, not because its dark in the visual sense, but because the ending is serious business. In fact, regardless of just how dark or not dark it gets, I still recommend it on the grounds that it is awesome, both visually, and in the sense of progression that the story and the characters undertake. Also includes air surfing mecha, interesting music (depending on who you talk to), and themes of maturity and love.

Of course, should you watch it, and you should, I suggest taking the time to pay attention to whats going on, and to be patient. I can’t stress this enough, it almost turned me off before it got good then everything clicked. It doesn’t get going until the latter half, but when it does, everything beforehand starts to make sense and pays off big time (but again you have to pay attention to the details as things get explained later on).