I won’t say much, other than if you like old-school JRPGs (which you should since you’re here :P), you must get this game.

You can get the demooff Steam, it’s 10% off if you get it in the next two days (since it launches officially Friday).

Capitalism, ho!

I’m dying for this to come out already.

Details, please?

Details, you say? I can do that. Plus, it gives me a reason to post this hilarious pic describing the game.

Edit: Here’s a link to the pic, it’s too big for the message board.

Also, this is pretty humorous. :smiley:

HAH! That’s very funny indeed, thanks Ultra. So, let me get this straight: you play a Fantasy RPG from the point of view of THE ITEM SHOPKEEPER? Well, that’s original! Reminds me of how Yatzee (from Zero Punctuation) opined that towns in RPGs were intentionally built next to dungeons so they could live off adventurers. But how fun is it to play? Is it like Harvest Moon? And what does the title mean?

The title is the name of the main character Recete and the debt fairy Tear put together,the game is a dungeon crawler where Recete and an adventurer you hire go into dungeons to look for treasures you will sell in your store.Each week you will have a quota to fill which is part of the debt you must pay to do this effectively you must manage your time well and build good relationships with your customers so you can sell them more expensive stuff,that’s the gist of it at least.

After trying the demo I can say two things.

  1. I will get this game as soon as I get my damn money.

Fans of the now-completed Kidd Radd webcomic may remember they had a heroic Item Salesman too, with some very cool uses of his NPC abilities and the funny fact that he was invisible below the waist, since the game animators never bothered to draw the half of his body that wasn’t seen behind the counter. Damn, I miss KR. :smiley:

Not to mention that he was completely invincible because he didn’t have a health bar, since he was “just a vendor”. :wink:

Aww, what the Hell. I think I’m going to re-read the strip, just to enjoy it all over again.

For those of you unfamiliar with the awesomeness that was Kidd Radd, check out its TV Tropes Page (which includes links where to find it) :

woops never mind

Tried demo, enjoyed it!

So I bought it. Damn you, efficient Steam model! Making it so easy to impulse buy. :stuck_out_tongue:

Honorable mentions to Dragon Quest’s Torneko (who’s minding his own business and accumulating money before he gets swept up in the story) and er… Thomas (?) from Romancing Saga 3 who can raise his lowly company to a multi-million corporate giant (and you still don’t get a buck to use in the main game. Never change, jrpgs.)

I’ve heard of this and I plan on trying it once I have a bit more spending money. It sounds like tons of fun.