Reasons for...

…liking your favorite animes? As in what makes them so good? Details pleasey. I’d like to try more animes out but, theres more and more out there and i like to know what im getting. (Yes yes read the box but i need more i say!) Besides theres only a handful or more on tv, sadly. And sadly i’m too tired right now to list my lil list of favorite animes and reasons for loving them so ;p. Woo another post closer to being able to put up more old avvie back up grr. :moogle:

I don’t really know why my favorite anime is my favorite (Cowboy Bebop by the way). I don’t know, it just rocks, and the sheer awesomeness of it is all I can explain. If you haven’t seen Bebop, you have to watch it all, you won’t regret it in the least.

I picked up the first few eps of Cowboy Bebop awhile ago and honestly I was bored to tears.After the first ten minutes it was irrtating me already and…yeah I know I know I didn’t give it long to prove itself but by the way it was going and from what I already read of it, nothing sparked my interest.

My favorite anime has to include Sailor Moon.It was the first ever anime that got me hooked on anime, but I was only about 8 or 9 when it came on tv.Then around 11 I stopped watching it because it wasn’t “cool enough”.But now, I’m basically proud to say I watch it again, because I know of the uneditted SM and it was my first ever anime, kind of like a milestone.Huzzah!
Angel Sanctuary is cool to me…I love the way it’s drawn and the music, but other than that…meh.Lesse, the vamp thrillers such as Vampire Hunter D Bloodlust and Blood the Last Vampire…both very cool and thrilling.I’m a sucker for vamp stuff.Sinister stuff like Serial Experiments Lain, Ghost in the Shell and Akira are calling out to me…I never saw any of them but I link them together and I heard they’re very much worth seeing (especially Akira)
Hmm…I can only think of X to add here as well.Great big character cast and element powers:D

I don’t really know why my favorite anime is my favorite (Cowboy Bebop by the way). I don’t know, it just rocks, and the sheer awesomeness of it is all I can explain. If you haven’t seen Bebop, you have to watch it all, you won’t regret it in the least.

…why did you post twice?Unless you’re trying to tell me that I did not indeed give CB time to exert its greatness, which is true of course.

The storyline is simple, yet great, unlike what has been done recently (either it’s too complicated or has no storyline at all), it follows the plotline, and there’s unexpected twists and turns.

Plus, collateral damage through the roof. You gotta love Giant Robo…except for the egyptian head.

You can so tell Epicgamer’s favourite anime is Cowboy Bebop, well you can if you’ve seen (like I have), for his title is the name of the song played over the ending credits.

Personally I don’t know what is my favourite anime, but if I had to say something right this very minute I would say Dragonball Z. Although I like loads of other animes, like Cowboy Bebop, Gundam Wing, AD Police, and Patlabor (Manga, not anime series but what the hell)

I’ll choose one of my 20 favorite animes. rolls 20 sided die ahh Photon. Photon is hilarious, has fantastic music, awesome action sequences and all the characters are great. The story is kind of rushed towards the end, but it all comes together quite nicely.

I highly enjoyed Trigun. Vash is a very well made character. He is funny, smart, and can whoop some serious ass. For the first few episodes, it kind fo drags on. But when you really get into it its really good. The story is very interesting and slowly unravels. And If you’re gonna watch it, watch it in subs…

Yeah, uh, sorry about that. The network at school was extremly slow and I must have hit back and resend the post after it was posted after getting impaitient. Sorry. Anyway, I don’t see how you could be that bored watching bebop, but that’s your opinion.

Trigun is great, and so is Outlaw Star. I also like Ah, My Goddess! and a few other masterpieces.

Vision of Escaflowne was, is, and always will be my favorite anime. Why? Because:

-Compelling Storyline
-Beautiful artwork
-realistic Heroine
-Deals with subjects like insane experiments on transgender operations and illegitimate love childs
-Nice balance of Mysticism and technology in the World of Gaea

And that’s about it.

I like Eva because theres totally rad characters who develop well, a bodacious storyline, gnarly techinal quality, and somewhat more importantly, HOT, SHIRTLESS BISHOUNEN! 8D~~~~

But Eva is so overdone, so will go into the other badass funky shit that I’m into. First of all, Angel Sanctuary, the manga:

The characters, aside from being extremely sexy, are amazingly cool and well developed. Kurai and Setsuna especially are like +++ (not to scale) on the development meter. Also, the story is full of “whacky” and “kewl” occult and Christian references, all skewed to Kaori Yuki’s crazy perspective. The art is beautiful, and on top of this there is far more yaoiablity than your average bear. And while there are some HOT, SHIRTLESS BISHOUNEN (8D~~~~) AS has something that most other series cannot provide. I speak, of course, of CUTE, SCHOOLBOY OUTFIT-WEARING, ANGEL BISHOUNEN! 8D~~~~

Second of all, Gravitation. It’s just neat.

Love Hina is my favorite anime really. It did an excellent job knowing when to be serious and when to be funny. What also makes it good in my opinion is that it’s quite possible to relate to Keitaro in a way. The plot drew me into it easily too. It’s just overall really enjoyable to watch.

…what about the hot anime chicks?!

That’s understood Sil =P

Yeah, you can’t disregard the females. Ever.

I just thought of two other animes I really liked watching, Neon Gensis Evangelion, and Martian Successor Nadesico. I spent about half a year to see them all the way through, since the channel was showing one every week.

I felt they were good, but the endings for both of them left it feeling unfished really, did it feel the same way for anyone else who has seen these two?

Well, with Eva it depends. Did you see the two movies? They clear up the ending some.

I like LH 'cause it made sense (and had a great storyline; some of the scenes and jokes were just PERFECT :P) and .hack//SIGN because of the artwork, music and how it didn’t (make sense)