Real quick question, then close this

Is Setz the guy that cut his wrists with a key and put it in his live journal. And then his parents found out about his lj and rpgc and banned him from both of them? and if so, could somone remind me more of the details on that story, via private message/instant message?

Yes. And I won’t, because i didn’t catch most of it.

Just search for topics made by Setz. Most of them talk about this kind of stupid bullshit, and it’s really the only way to get the authentic Setz-experience.

Short of getting fucked in the KFC bathroom, at least.

Did he cut himself with a key? I don’t remember that. I’d be surprised not to have read that one. Although I can’t be expected to have read all of his garbage. But to the rest of your question, yes that’s him.

It was an LJ post. It was less of a cut and more of a scratch.

You guys read his LJ!?

You know how people slow down and rubberneck to look at a car wreck? Yeah. It was like that.

That doesn’t make it okay buddy.