Read the mailbag!

do it!

“OK, stupid!”

Heh, excited, aren’t we?

Why am -I- stupid?

Because you chose XCG as a cohort rather than me. Asshole.

Already did so.

Different from past mailbagsm but in a good way. I rather like it. keep up the good work, Charle.

So that’s what the mailbag is…

I stopped caring about the mailbag a good 8 months ago…or whenever the mailbag was in a slump where nobody asked any questions and nobody answered them anyway.

<img src=“”> Pretty good job on the mailbag, even so I not used to seeing Charlemagne have such a tall sprite, even so I have one of his older ones in TRT still. Oh well. By the way, is that robot a perment sidekick? And what about the Ghost of Christmas Future, who stalkes Charlemagne about the Playstation 5.

<img src=“”> Don’t forget Charlemagne, I will show up on the mailbag sooner or later…and I will kill you! …if you don’t mind.

It’s always good to have a robot that says “Danger” and goes berserk. Besides, that’s my robot. Charlemagne can introduce his sidekick later.

I really liked it,congratulations on both of you.

Just one question:
Where did you get the your sprite from Charle?

984 made it.

You can always use me for a sidekick, Charle. sigh

all those months of pulling strings behind the scenes has borne fruit. I dunno if the bag is any good though, I guess I need to read it :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, you should read it. I poured my heart and soul into it… either that or spent an hour trying to figure out what I did wrong with the coding at first :stuck_out_tongue:

Good Job ^^

Lacked the funny.

While I’m glad it’s being done on time, it does however lack the most crucial element of any mailbag - the humor. Dude, what happened? Not be mean or anything, but XCG really isn’t that funny, like, ever. But hey, it’s only the first one, so whatever.

And I actually contributed to the next one, so don’t give me any grief.


See, char? Desperation is on its way already. One half doesn’t read it, the other half bitches about it. Have fun with the next few mailbags, and dont fear rirse’s reaper ^^ (No, actually that wasnt really sarcasm. How could ANYONE fear that pixelish thing? Is it a reaper anyway?)