READ: Silverknight's stories

With a good deal of sadness I have to announce that Silverknight has announced that she’s leaving the fanfiction realm for an unsure amount of time, and she wants to take her fics along. It isn’t really my place to do this, and in a way it’s not right, but I’m giving her fans this chance to save their favorite stories before it’s too late. They’ll be taken off the archive for this coming update which is in the works and should be done on Sunday if the weather, muses and Lord allows it.

What? SilverKnight’s leaving??

Damn, her FF7 fic was the BEST I’ve yet seen!

I wonder what is the problem? Teen I m’-no-good-as-a-writer anxiety? (I used to have that.)

SK, if that’s it, please know that I (and many other people here) feel you’re a GREAT fanfic writer, and hope that you’ll return to us some day. Thanks for having shared your stories with us, in the first place.

Thanks for the Warning, Weii, thought I’m so busy I don’t know if I can save her stuff tonight. Could you give us a little extra time? Thanks, in any case.

As I understand she just doesn’t feel at home in the world of RPGs anymore. I’ve tried talking to her but in the end it is of course her decision.

Worry not, Wil, I couldn’t get to work on the update today, so I’ll try to finish it tomorrow. If I don’t manage then, it’ll be up by Tuesday, I’m away on Monday.

Yeah, I had to take her midis down a while ago too…it happens. I don’t think it’s a big deal. She’ll either come back or she won’t. She assured me, it’s nothing personal against RPGC.


SG: Yeah, so she told me too. That’s good at least.

Pierson: That would be neat-o :mwahaha: