Re: Your Brains


I demand you all look at this video. Jing found it and showed it to me, I’m just spreading the hilarity XD

All we wanna do is eat your brains!
We’re not unreasonable…
I mean, no one’s gonna eat your eyes


Man, this is the first thing I saw after waking up so I totally read spreading the wrong way. <_<.

Not a bad WoW video though.

<I>Et tu, Sin?</I>

I’m not a monster, Tom.
Well, technically, I am.

Man, this is really weird, I found a Hellsing AMV of this recently too.

It’s an awesome song though. :smiley: Jolly good post.

Jonathan Coulton is awesome. :smiley:

Light-hearted, masterfully done and with zombies in it :smiley:

There should be some sort of Grammy for this kind of art.

I kinda though it needed more pirates.:ulty: