I’m sorry to bring this thread up, and close it if you wish when I post this, but seeing what Zepp said, too harsh mate!
Obviously when Sonoko voiced this, she thought that her opinion counted for something, which it does! And thanks Skankin’ for sayin’ what you did.
But if someone has a view then it needn’t be suppressed, as so many of the posters in that thread had said. If you have a view-point, then voice it! Of course, if you think it could make other people Think. All that need be incited by a view is to think. And that’s all it is anyway.

So basically… I suppose I’m having a freedom fight for speech… yeah.


Do not make new threads just to respond to closed ones.

And there is no freedom of speech here. There is a priveledge of speech. We’re a benevolent oligarchy.

Since when are we benevolent?

We create rules and pretty much let people say anything if they don’t break the rules. That’s rather benevolent.