Well, Janos gets thrown into Hell in Blood Omen 2 anyways, so I have no idea where he goes. It would be interesting to see where they take the storyline next, what with Raziel having apparently NO soul anymore, thanks to the Soul Reaver claiming it for it’s own, so Kain can take it in Blood Omen, and Raziel steal it form him in SR 1. Stupid Reaver… What goes around comes around.

Also, you could technically argue that it was an RPG at one point, with the original Blood Omen, but that would be just pedantic. Wouldn’t it?:thud:

PS, I am a big Legacy of Kain nerd.

Anyway, the poem was good, rhyming (that that word) or not.

I think you’re a bit mistaken in some points.

The soul inside the Reaver was Raziel’s counterpart, trapped in the blade because of that temporal cycle that Kain interrupted in SR2. However, the wraith blade is still bound to him. So, Raziel is basically going around with his own soul in place AND with its other twisted version wrapped around his arm. If you look closely at the ending sequence, you’ll understand why the Reaver shattered back in SR1. It couldn’t devour its own soul. The paradox shattered the blade. As for the temporal distortion at the very end of SR2, it was triggered at a point when Raziel’s soul was both inside and outside the Reaver. That was the opportunity for Kain to pull the blade out and use the temporal distortion to alter that point of the timeline.[/spoiler] As for Janos, [spoiler]I don’t think this will be the last we hear of him. Raziel was determined to ressurect him, and since he couldn’t hear Kain’s warning, there’s a large chance he’ll try that stunt.

As for the giant squid, he’s getting really annoying, and I do hope someone shuts him up.
Defiance is supposed to tie up the Blood Omen and Soul Reaver stories and be a conclusion to the saga, so chances are we’ll hear from many obscure characters again.

And I think Moebius looks like a pedophile. Too bad raziel didn’t kill him when he had the chance. That guy was so damn annoying.

You’re probably right.

I caught the bit about changing Time’s path at the exact moment (the edge of the coin) and how it couldn’t devour it’s own soul in SR1, which was Raziel’s from the past (SR2), but I always assumed when Kain pulled out the Reaver, Raziels own soul was out of both his own body and out of the Reaver.

As for Janos, Raziel’d have to try pretty damn hard to bring him back, considering that at some point between the Past in SR2, and in BO2, he has to be imprisoned by the Hilden, to be later thrown into Hell, and in all the intervening years that encompasses the first Blood Omen game, never be seen by anyone. Saying that though, he has to be brought back by Raziel in the SR2 Past, so he can be imprisioned by the Hilden for BO2. Time travel sucks.

Looks at post, mentally asks what the hell is Defiance, and goes to see if he can find a trailer. He does, he comes back and posts this

My GOD this looks amazing.This is the first I’ve heard of it. The moves shown in the video, like jumping off walls onto other walls, look great, and Kain finally got a decent blood-drinking animation!

The combat reminds me of Devil May Cry, especially in the sword moves Kain uses. If it uses the same or better graphics engine as SR2,as it appears to (BO2’s wasn’t really that good. The protagonists had about 10 animations between them) then this game is going to both look and play good.

I like the fact that BOTH wield the Reaver. It should be interesting to see what happens when the Ethereal Parasitic Blade meets the Physical Parasite Blade…:hahaha; However, they’d better not sacrifice the brilliant storylines on the alter of action and mass-market approval (Devil May Cry, I am looking at you!). The plot and rivalry between the two and the hinted-at-but-not-revealed dark foces is a masterpiece all on it’s own.

I also notice from the interview at http://www.gamers.com/news/1386011 that Mobius and the Eldar (voiced by the same guy as Megabyte from Reboot! That I did not know until I bought SR2. He rules.) are back…

Note to Eidos, I now expect great things from this game.

Correction; I am a REALLY big LoK nerd.

Originally posted by Weiila
Then better not join my litterature science course, Charle, you’ll be reading a lot of weird stuff.
I was going to move to sweden just to join your literature science course. Damn!

Weiila, are you afraid of people tracking you down and being agressively friendly?:wink:

Pierson: Nah, not particulary. I just hide under the sofa until they go away. Besides, Charle wouldn’t ever harm a girl, anyway, now would you?

I prefer automated gun turrets myself, but each to their own.:hahaha;

Originally posted by Pierson
Very nice poem. Blank verse may not rhyme (I never know how to spell that) but often it can be more dramatic and touching than ‘normal’ poems. It rocks.

Manus’ poem is written in free verse, not blank verse. Blank verse is unrhyming iambic pentametre.

An interesting poem, Manus. I understand the poem for the most part, although undoubtedly they may be aspects of it with which I am unfamiliar, since I have never played any of the Soul Reaver series.

I stand corrected :slight_smile:

And you really should play some LoK games. They’re much deeper than most.

I thought Amy Hennig said there was going to be another game after Defiance. What I wonder about is where the heart was hidden.

Jierdan, try not to post in threads that aren’t on the first page. This is called “necroposting”.

I should know, I learned this the hard way…