Your wings were broken
Because you dared to grow them.
You were snatched from your path,
Thrown into the Abyss,
Tangled in an endless cycle
Of painful deaths and resurrections.

Your face was burned,
Your soul was scorched,
Your life faded.
Everything you had so fervently revered
Turned out to be a lie, an abomination.

You lost everything…
Your past, your innocence, your idealism…
Broken dreams, nothing more…
A silent ruin, swept by cold winds.

Raziel, your destiny is all you have left,
But before you pursue it,
Let me tell you this…
We are not that different.

We are both ragged shadows,
Dwelling on darkened worlds,
Disfigured for eternity,
Enduring the pain of betrayal.

The Reaver you carry,
Your parasitic counterpart,
May well be your only company
In your lonely and hidden path.

We are very much alike,
Heir of the Ancients…
We are both dead,
In different ways,
Which are equally painful.
We both try to know ourselves,
Even if it may destroy us…

Know this, Reaver of Souls,
Just as your body was scorched,
So was my tormented soul.
But unlike you, I find myself
Devoid of purpose and future,
Alone and empty.

That doesnt rhyme…

It’s not supposed to.

I don’t beleive we’ve been properly introduced. I’m Charlemagne, I’m in charge of the poetry section of RPGClassics.

Last I checked a poem didn’t really have to ryhme. Nice work Manus.

Who are these people you keep mentioning? You just randomly toss them in.

Raziel from Soul Reaver, in the Legacy of Kain game series.
The SR1 into explains much of it.

Yeah, I don’t know why it was called Raziel. I’m assuming you’re talking about the character from Chrono Cross. Yeah, I don’t remember Raziel doing any of that. I remember Raziel having unbroken wings. And I don’t remember anybody supressing her. I don’t think this poem is about Raziel.

Edit: oh ok

that’s Razzly, Charlemagne, Razly.

My bad.

Any way, I don’t like poems that don’t rhyme. Unless they’re the Odyssy, or somthing like that.

Originally posted by Manus Dei
Raziel from Soul Reaver, in the Legacy of Kain game series.
The SR1 into explains much of it.

That explains a lot, since I haven’t played Soul Reaver.

Then better not join my litterature science course, Charle, you’ll be reading a lot of weird stuff. Nice one Manus :slight_smile:

… now, does Soul Reaver count as an RPG? (in case it can go/not go into the archives. I haven’t played it.)

It has some RPG elements (reaching progressive power levels, exploring, solving puzzles, etc.), but it’s more inclined to action (fighting, climbing walls and so on…), so I doubt it’ll be classified as an RPG. The game’s engine is action-oriented.
If there’s anyone interested in details on the game (wether or not you’re trying to determine its type), then I’ll indicate a few sites that can explain it.

<img src=“http://www.rpgclassics.com/staff/tenchimaru/td.gif”> It’s not an RPG. It’s a 3d action game.

I’ll end up renting Defiance…

I’m really eager to see Defiance! Those trailers were great and I can’t wait to see what will happen next.
But I thought nobody here knew those games.

I’ve never played them, but Defiance looks like it might be worth a shot.

Legacy of Kain RULES! Nice poem, by the way.

Yes, LoK does rule, especially SR2. The cut-scenes, facial movements, gestures etc are some of the best ever, and the plot didn’t use the usual route of assuming all it’s watchers were idiots. I always felt sorry for Ariel…

Very nice poem. Blank verse may not rhyme (I never know how to spell that) but often it can be more dramatic and touching than ‘normal’ poems. It rocks.

Yes, SR2 is indeed a masterpiece. You can feel Raziel’s burning fury as he goes after the Sarafan and kicks their rear ends. The storyline is great, complex, with lots of surprises, the graphics and the game engine are breathtaking. The facial expressions and the textures are absolutely magnificent.
And I loved grabbing the Blood Reaver and beating the living crap out of the Sarafan Raziel and his disgusting brothers.
The storyline has lots of twists and turns and many ironic moments. I’m eager to see what will become of Raziel and if Ariel’s spirit will ever be free. Raziel’s moves are great.
And Kain… Hehehe! His peculiar sarcastic personality is interesting.
I’d also like to see what happens to Janos. Raziel was in such a rush to resurrect him, and he wasn’t able to listen to Kain’s warning, so… who knows?