Ratchet and Clank

Out of curiosity, what is the general concensus on the series around here?

I think the games mix up extreme cartoony violence with bizarre plot lines and intelligent humor very well. It’s the type of game that seems like it would capture a niche market, but has far more widespread appeal than one would expect.

I see them as toned down versions of Conker’s Bad Fur Day, which is LONG overdue for a sequel.

Well i am new here and i dont know about the general series here but like to know which kind of series do you like in the games and cartoons.

I was somewhat surprised at first by the lack of replies on this thread, but then I remembered that there are not too many PS3 owners on this board. And considering all the anti-Sony comments here, a PS3 reference could be a pretext for a vicious attack by some Wii/Xbox maniac. :wink:
Mind you, this could change after Christmas.
As for my perspective on R&C Future, I think that I was laughing more while playing it, than any other previously played console games. The dialogue is top notch, it could have been written for one of the major animation studios a la Pixar. And the Groovatron plus the biomorphing device combination – sublime.
On the minus side, the game is relatively easy and short (20 hrs).

gets Wii/Xbox maniac suit from the closet, readies pitchforks

I like the Ratchet and Clank games. I think Up Your Arsenal was the best one. Unfortunately recent ones haven’t had funny titles like Going Commando or Up Your Arsenal. Deadlocked didn’t interest me at all since it looked like it lost a lot of the humor and spirit of Ratchet and Clank. So far the one on the PS3 seems good, I’ve played some of it and it has the spirit and gameplay so far. It adds some nice new gameplay dynamics.

I didn’t enjoy Deadlocked quite as much as I have the others for reasons you mention. It’s like the game is just one really long level, a la Annihilation Nation.

Do give it a try though. You can pick it up used for like 15 bucks, and it’s worth every penny of it. It was almost as fun my second time through the game as the first.

Deadlocked takes out a lot of the platforming from the earlier games and is more a 3rd person shooter than a shooter/platformer. Still, blowing stuff up is as fun as always if a little more repetitive since there is little platforming to break up the pace. The game is still very funny thanks to the talented announcer who throws out jokes throughout the game. The one advantage the game has over the other Ratchet and Clank games is that it has a coop mode. Blowing things up with a friend is a blast.

Future tools of destruction = awesome.

Just an FYI.


I’ve only played the first 2, but I really enjoyed them. Usually when I play a game 100%, I get sick of it near the end, but that didn’t happen in either of the R&C games, and I think that might be because of how damn fun the weapons are. Particularly the super-weapons.