Rare Old Games

I’m looking around for rare old games (mostly rpgs). My list so far is:
Suikoden 2, Tales of Destiny 2, Ogre Battle 64.

Anyone else looking for rare games of any system? If so, please post them here. It would be intriguing to see what rare games people are trying to get.

Now that makes me feel old*. I hope N releases Mischief Makers for the virtual console; that game was pure fun.

edit:I mean, these games are now considered old. But I was there when they came out.

Tales of Destiny 2 is the only one I can think of. Well, no, I lie. I swear to god, I would pay so much for a copy of Soul Blazer for the SNES.

Valkyrie Profile would definitely be a catch. Harvest Moon for the SNES can fetch for a considerable amount too.

I was on the hunt for the extremely rare NES games in my quest to complete the set years back. I even had Hot Slots(which I sadly was forced to ebay off a couple years ago).

I was around 75 games away. It was just too hard tracking down the remaining ones. Argh.

You’re in luck. I have Ogre Battle 64. Cartridge only.


Unless you want to enter a bidding war or take your chances there, I’ll offer it to you for, shipping also into this figure, $30. Paypal preferred.

I also have Mischief Makers, cart only as well…

(cough Xenogears original box/Incredible Crisis/Thunderforce V/Parasite Eve/cough)