RAR files

How do i open them?

I’d suggest downloading WirRar. It handles both RAR and ZIP files, and it doesn’t leave you with nearly as much corrupted data as WinZip.

I suggest downloading <a href=“http://www.powerarchiver.com”>Powerarchiver</a>, because it’s better. And I provided a link.

I want to open audio files though…powerachiever wont let me.

Audio Files? Do you mean audio files that have been compressed into a RAR archive? Or are you confusing the RAR format with something else?

Compressed in an archive…I uncompress them and all of the files are in the power achiver but I dunno how to play them as audio…I download game tracks off of zophar and when the files are uncompressed, they are in psf format and they try to open in adobe photoshop.

Uh, open the RAR archive in WinRAR, select all the files, and extract them. You cannot play them in WinRAR. Then, open whatever media player you use to play PSF (i’m not familiar with the format), and select the files through the “Open” feature on the player. You can’t just double click the file, because as you noticed, windows has the file association wrong.

Right click on one of the PSFs and select Open With, then select Winamp from there. Make sure you check “Always use this program to open files of this extension”. From that point forward, you should simply be able to double-click any songs you want and they’ll open in Winamp.

I tried to do that, but nothing opened. I extracted them, and the files are all in this psf format. It’s a playstation music format, but since the initials are the same, it opens in photoshop. So I did the Open With, and nothing happened…

How about dragging and dropping the PSF files from the folder to the Winamp window, then saving a playlist?

Don’t .psf files require a special plugin?

Eva, you make my brain hurt :frowning:

Go to zophar.net. Get the plugin “Highly Experimental” from their Utilities -> Sound section. Put it in the plugins folder for Winamp.
Now open Winamp, go to “Add Files” (or Add Directory), select the directory you put the files in and/or all the files in that directory and click “OK”. Now click “Play”. Woo.

Maybe it was just me, but highly experimental was really cranky about playing any PSF files at all.

Sorry, I’m really computer dumb. I’ll do what Cid said since he knows what he’s doing.

Not really.

Can’t you convert the PSF files into some more standard format?

not really, you’d have to have some program that would record your audio output stream.

The only way to convert PSF files, as far as I know, is to play them in Winamp using the DiskWriter output plugin, which will result in a WAV/MP3 file. But they play fine on my computer. PSF2’s played slow on my old comp (400MHz) but anything faster than that should be just fine.

I forgot to add that I don’t have winamp, I have something called Musicmatch… ;_; Arrrg. Dammit. Kazaa, here I come.

Why not just download Winamp? It beats the pants off anything else. :sunglasses:

Yea, you need winamp ;P. Why use kazaa? Just get it at www.winamp.com?