Random TV Show comments

Execs, when they planned to have ECW on Sci-Fi, planned to have some “science fiction” characters on it. There was supposed to be a vampire stable, as well as a zombie wrestler. However, wrestling fans shit on it.


SciFi airs ECW because it’s owned by the same corporation that owns USA (NBC Universal?). When WWE brought back the ECW brand, they needed a channel to air it on. Execs knew the show would draw, but it was also agreed to give it only a one hour slot. Really. 10 PM on a genre channel for one hour a week really isn’t all that bad. Sci Fi isn’t a ratings cow, and ECW has been its top rated program for like the past 40 weeks straight. The ratings it would have drawn on USA would have been lower than what’s currently on at that time, so put it on a station where it’s a ratings booster instead of a downer.

I haven’t heard about that. There really is?
I love the Stargate movie and used to watch the show, but stopped about mid-season of SG:Atlantis because I was really just not impressed.
Is it a soon thing or like something that’s just been greenlit?

I’ve been wondering why the hell COPS is on a gaming channel. When I started watching G4 it seemed like Attack of the Show! or Cheat! or one of the gaming shows was always on. But now it seems like there’s nothing, except the coverage of E3 once a year.

Oh, and SyFy is fucking retarded. SciFi is short for Science Fiction. SyFy? That just looks like they’re trying to look hip.