random talking point

this applies more specifically to the americans here, but can really apply to everyone.

Why do you believe in / follow / adhere to the Constitution?

Because without law we are all lost in Anarchy. Also because I’m generally law-abiding.

By establishing a separation of powers along with various civil rights, the Constitution attempts to prevent too much power from accruing in the hands of one individual or a small group of individuals who might want to use the mechanism of government in their own interest rather than that of the public.


Because it calls for equality, protection of rights and a balanced, secular government.

Do I have an alternative?

Actually, what Sin said, and more intensely what Mr. Saturn said.

Of course you have an alternative. If you don’t believe in the constitution of your country, you have thre freedom to leave and immigrate in some other country which you agree more with. That is, if their and you current institution allow it. That’s why I ‘believe’ in a democratic constitution. The freedom of choice and political voice, which ultimately leads to what the others said. Peace, and all that.

I don’t go out enough to break laws.

Your hard drive implies otherwise.

My thoughts exactly.

REAL laws.

some of what was said is interesting, but some other comments are more descriptions rather than explanations. The question is “why”.

I go enough outside to pay my taxes right, so yeah, I guess?

I can’t say I do, but I live in Norway. We do have a constitution but it’s outdated and seems to rarely be regarded as important in current law. It’s mostly overriden by practise and international treaties.