Random lockups...

Occasionaly, when I’m browsing the internet, evertything locks up. I can move my mouse, but I can’t click on anything. If I Ctrl-Alt-Del, the task manager pops up, but I can’t do anything with it.
Sometimes it stops after a few minutes, but usualy I have to turn my computer off.

I do regular spyware checks, and I have no viruses as far as I know. Any ideas as to what can cause this?

Maybe it’s just your computer? Is it an old one?

I assume you’re using AOL when this happens? Are you sure that this only happens when you’re online? If so maybe removing and reinstalling the AOL software may help.

Firefox does that occassionally, especially on the Agora for some reason. Usually if you leave it alone for a minute or two it’ll go back to normal. Don’t know the cause though.

Sounds like an explorer crash. We have this error at school, and it is usually caused by an error in XML parsing of the browser. Since the Agora probably uses XML, that might be it. It is a looooooooooooooooong shot though.

If it’s AOL, I have a better idea: Uninstall it, smash and burn any backup data and never again remain within a hundred feet radius of any kind of AOL software.

Normally I would call that a rational course of action, but GG and I have fathers who refuse to change IPs. As long as they are the ones who pay the bills, we can’t really complain.

It’s not an old computer, it’s only about a year old. And I’ve explained the situation several times, so in short, my choices are AOL or no internet.

Thanks, though. It HAS happened once or twice just when I start up and try to run anythingm but mostly when I’m browsing.

Well, that sucks. My condolences.

What OS and eventually what Service Pack?