Ramune: All too true

Click it

Opening it is the fun part

I wanna open one! Not necessarily drink, just open.

Wheee!!! I ordered one so I should be getting one soon, i’ll let you know how fun it was to open.

Who knew? Kinda cool


The opening theme to Knights of Ramune is awsome :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ve seen it and had it (Alyx, you can get it at East East) If you look closely at the bottle, you can see a face.

I had one of those when I was in Taiwan. It’s pretty cool. I managed to get the marble out of mine :stuck_out_tongue:

took me and Zero 1/2 an hour to open the damn thing :slight_smile:

Wow, I’m surprised so many people have never heard of this.

It’s actually really good, $12 well spent.

Originally posted by Dark Sand
It’s actually really good, $12 well spent.

$12 wow, it’s a lot cheeper here, of course there is a store that sells it.