Okay, so, yesterday, I had my laptop downloading Maple Story, and I left it running for three hours while I went to have dinner with my dad. But when I got back, it kept … almost freezing up. A buncha programs would suddenly take a minute and a half to click between two windows, and I could just not do anything with them.

Things got really weird when I checked the task manager this morning, and saw that Firefox (which was behind another window) was taking up 500 kilobytes of memory. That’s right: less than Bill Gates’ estimate in 1983 of what “should be enough for everyone.” I clicked onto Firefox and it inflated back to six or seven MB (it’s taking up 25,868k right now), but this keeps happening: individual programs are almost freezing up and whatnot.

EDIT: Oh yeah, another weird symptom: stuff sometimes disappears from the taskbar (but reappearing when I alt-tab to 'em), and sometimes duplicating themselves. In fact, one window I know I closed reappeared a few times before I did a full shutdown (which seems to have had no effect).

Does this always happen or only while you download large files?

It continued even after the download was finished.


It, uh, stopped happening when I turned off the Indexing Service in the “Search” system. ^^;

Thats one hell of a leak.

Windows in a nut-shell!


Aka, shut up Ninten.

Ah, yes. Sorry all.
Just merely trying to voice my opinion… possibly with a comical touch to it.


Yeah … I did a Google search for the EXE file that suddenly blossomed to 10 MB of system resources, and there was another EXE that’s supposed to be keeping it under control, but I didn’t see that in the list of Processes …