RAM purchase

I want to purchase 2 2GB sticks of RAM to put into my new macbook Apple is sending me. I can buy Kingston RAM for 54.99 each, US modular RAM at 64.99 each or Crucial ram at 74.99 each. I would like to know if anyone knows anything about the relative quality of these different companies and if they know of any online store that might sell them for cheaper.

Thank you!

Edit: I can buy 4 gigs straight from Crucial for 100 bucks. Wow. Is it quality RAM?

Kingston has the bigger brand name behind it, and if the memory dies they have a lifetime warranty on their memory. what model of Macbook/Macbook Pro do you have?

Also I’ll try to dig up Kingston’s contact info if you ever do have warranty issues. To ever determine if you have bad memory, the best method is to boot into a Cd burned with the http://memtest86.com ISO. If Macs support that mind you… I think Boot Camp at least should. If you don’t own a copy of Windows and you want Boot Camp for windows gaming BTW, jsut send me a PM. I have a certain… understanding with Microsoft. Perfectly legal.

So yes, go with the Kingston or if I can find you cheaper + better. I’ll recommend that.

Never heard of US modular before. Crucial is okay but not as well known. Another brand that is okay is corsair, but they usually market their RAM as “value”.

I had windows xp and boot camp on the mac that I had to replace. Windows ran everything perfectly, it was great. I’m getting a Macbook Pro 15 inch.

What would 4 GB of RAM allow me to do that 2 GB of RAM wouldn’t? I’m wondering if its even worth spending the 100 bucks.

Justify a 64 bit OS.

Make Crysis pretty.

That’s about it.

I have neither. I’ll probably get crysis for 360.

MacOS is a Hybrid 64 and 32 Bit OS. Vista 64 is really f-ing sweet (just like Leopard, Vista had a ton of complaints about it when it came out, mostly with software compatibility and the like but those were stupid hardware vendors lazy to update their drivers mostly). Vista tries too hard to make everything compatibile though. Microsoft is supposedly taking the “F this, I’m dumping this backwards s**t” approach Apple did a few years ago with the next windows release.

Vista SP1 also seems to have many performance improvements from what I have noticed.

Though yes, the extra RAM is always worth it. It vastly improves performance when working with photos and video. no matter the OS you use. (Mind you, 64 bit Photoshop is coming out for Windows before Mac)