I can get the entire series on platinum dvd for $130 CAD.

Sould I?

I’ve heard good things about it in the past, but I want a local opinion from someone who knows me.

You’ll probably say it ripped off Evangelion and hate it, then come here and complain about it :slight_smile:

If it was like Eva but without all the psychological bullshit, it’d probably be the best show ever.

$130 Canadian is like 8 real bucks, so go for it

If it’s the regular 26 episodes, that’s a really good price. If you don’t like it you could sell it for more on e-bay or something.

It’s similar to Evangelion, but music replaces the religious symbolism, and there’s much less “psychological bullshit”. My sister and I personally prefer it to Eva. Sounds like a really good deal you’ve found there. If it were me, I’d go for it.

The anime’s plot line as a whole is rather unbelievable, and the ending is pretty bad as well. The fights aren’t that entertaining, and the art style is only moderate at best. If you really want to buy anime go for it, but I wouldn’t spend money on it.

A good friend of mine (who is a pretty reputable conoisseur of the anime) said it seemed to be marketed as a mix of Escaflowne and Eva… she rented the first volume through Netflix, but she wasn’t into it and didn’t get the rest. She said it just seemed mediocre.

Can you rent first?

I’ve seen some episodes of the series. Complicated story and I dont like that type of anime. Better to rewatch Cowboy Bebop than this.

If that’s what you’re looking for then watch Eureka 7 goddamnit. >:(

Agreed. Eureka 7 is really awesome.

Hades, it’s got hoverboards, mechs, and mechs ON hoverboards.

I just remember watching the first 5 episodes and I liked it. I was looking forward to more, but never got to see the rest.

130, no. Get it, yes. Find it cheaper. I got the whole thing for thiry-six.

That seems way too expensive, go to gamestop and get the used DVDs for like 14 bucks a pop. Either way, its an awesome series, and remains one of my favorites when serious anime seems to be slipping away.