Ragnarok in FF6...

In FF6 is Ragnarok better as an esper or a weapon?

Neither is strictly necessary. I expect it’s probably better as a sword, but if you choose that you’ll never complete your Esper list. >-)
Scratch that, I forgot it taught Ultima. Stick with the Esper.

Ultima is so much fun to abuse.

Which is better, Ultima or the attack that Crusaders teach that hits everything?

Ultima is far better. It’s a game-breaking attack. Merton also hits you, so stay away from it.

You can also learn Ultima from the Paladin Shield at 1x rate.

Yes, but getting the Paladin Shield is ridiculously time-consuming.

With emphasis on ridiculous. 255 battles to make it into a Paladin Shield plus ~20/character to teach them Ultima? Nah.

Get some Flame Shields and Merton becomes far more powerful than Ultima. Except against fire-based monsters. It deals insane damage and heals your entire party at the same time.

If you manage to get its power higher than Ultima, I guarantee you don’t need it.

Funny thing. I actually broke the Cursed Shield’s curse by accident the first time. I had no freakin’ clue that it would turninto the paladin shield. Imagine my surprise when it finally did.

Val, I officially hate you concerning FFVI. What were you doing having the Cursed Shield equiped for that long? Trying to make Terra emo?

“Noone likes me. My family doesn’t like me. No human can accept me for who I am.And now I am cursed”

Hell if I know! I’ve just learned over the years that, if there’s somethign THAT crappy in a game, there must be a use for it! Wait, no… I lewarned that after FFVI. I guess I was jsut bored. And it wasnt that hard to counter, really. Marvel Shoes cancel out the status effects, except for Death Sentence. And so, I ran around for 255 battles, with it equipped.

Marvel Shoes? Really? I just used a Ribbon.

255 stupid battles. You could counter it but then effectively you didn’t use two slots (shield+counter). Perhaps doing it while learning magic at the end of the game wouldn’t be such a drag.