Radiohead Phase

I’ve been a longtime Radiohead fan, but until recently I haven’t really listened to their stuff other than what’s on “In Rainbows,” “OK Computer” and some of “The Bends.” Now I’m venturing into a musical journey where I’m exploring their complete discography.

Any seasoned veterans wanna offer me some track suggestions?

Everything In Its Right Place
Street Spirit
Nice Dream
High And Dry
Subterranean Homesick Alien
Fake Plastic Trees

Start with those. And Welcome.

Thanks. “High and Dry” is a classic, along with “Fake Plastic Trees” and “Idioteque.” Kinda skeptical going into “Kid A” and “Amnesiac” as entire albums because that’s when, according to every critic, they started to change their sound. But who am I to be picky? It’s Radiohead.

Kid A is closer to In Rainbows than it is to Amnesiac imo. Hail To The Theif sounds like Amnesiac. they’re both very jazzy in ways. “Life In a Glass House” might freak you out a bit.

Or there’s the default Rockband song of theirs, Creep.

Everything in Its Right Place is an amazingly beautiful song.

Kid A is my favourite album.

I was more of a “The Bends” fan myself.


Yes, it’s another tribute album. But it’s eccentrically hip. One of the best albums I can say I’ve ever owned. Look it up, son.

I’m not a big fan of Radiohead, but I AM a fan of their videos. <—“Just” <---- “Paranoid Android”

I also happen to really like these songs (oddly enough, “Just” was one of my favorite songs).

Another great song I didn’t mention is “In Limbo.”

Some of my favourite songs by them are less mainstream. They may take some getting used to:

Dollars And Cents
Sail To The Moon
There There (Although this was a single, it was only really successful in Canada and is not on the same level as stuff like Karma Police.)
Punchup At A Wedding
A Wolf At The Door
Knives Out (Okay, this is mainstream, but I didn’t mention it before.)

1/3 of that video was a shitty intro, the rest was creative but sounded like ass anyway. Just my opinion.

After the intro my jaw dropped. Very cool. But the scanner sound or whatever that was supposed to be Thom Yorke’s voice must have been somehow integrated with the gritty sound, because it would’ve been unnecessarily hard for the guy to program it to sound like him. The vocal (or aural, I guess you would say) resemblance is a bit too uncanny.