Radio Shack's Christmas Superheroes

I assume most of you have seen these ads by now (if not, see here:

My first reaction was, “Cool! Christmas-based superheroes!” Hey why not? Superheroes haven’t been this popular outside of comics in decades. So why not go for that for this season’s ad campaigns? We’ve had stranger things in TV commercials (like zombies.)

Unfortunately, they screwed it up.

The characters themselves are pretty well designed. The music is cool, and the basic idea- giving a present makes you a hero in someone else’s eyes- isn’t that bad. But, first of all, they are all too impersonal. I was expecting something heartwarming, like, kids saying, “Thank you mommy, you’re my hero!” and THEN the person would transform. But, no, nobody says anything in the ads- in fact, with the exception of the heroes, NOBODY REACTS. Those people who are supposed to be oh-so-happy they got Radio Shack gifts don’t move, much less jump from joy.

Then there’s the followups, which are just TERRIBLE. In those, Lance Armstrong (you know, the guy who won the Tour de France more times than I can remember, and beat cancer too?) talks to a RS employee and MOCKS him for dressing like a superhero. That’s certainly not Christmas-sey. (I get it- he’s a real life hero who even wore spandex. It’s still not funny.)

Wouldn’t it have been cooler if the heroes saved Santa Claus from The Grinch, Scrooge or the Heat Miser? But nooo.

At least the ads are funny (except the ones with Lance.) Especially the ones with the dance moves some of the heroes pull. But they could’ve been SO much better.

Mr. Martinez, I’m not sure you understand that these commercials are advertising an electronics store, not crime-fighting or vigilantism. Also, you can’t really tell if the recipients of those gifts are happy or not - the camera is quite clearly focused on the “heroes” themselves. It’s much easier to quickly show several memorable hero designs than to spend time showing generic commercial actors celebrating.

As for Mr. Armstrong, notice that he’s not mocking the employee for dressing like a superhero - he’s mocking him for pretending to be a hero, despite doing nothing worthy of that title. (In this case, buying gifts from Radio Shack.)

The ads are exploiting a) superheroes and b) Christmas. The LEAST they can do is try to get the spirit of both right. And we’ve seen PLENTY of ads where people act a lot and you barely see the product, why not here?

And yes, I know Lance was trying to point out the suit doesn’t make you a hero, but it comes across as rude and unfunny. They could at least have the poor guy become a true hero afterwards by giving a gift!

Basically, what would most people rather see: employees being mocked or Superheroes Saving Christmas? Thought so. :wink:

Edit: Anybody know where I can find the names of the heroes?

And it got worse: the next ad in the line had one of the heroes attack Santa Claus. For no given reason. (Sorry couldn’t find the link to it.)

Is picking on Christmas the fad this year? Because there’s also another series of ads (again couldn’t find the links) of another store where one of Santa’s elves basically mocks the others for thinking that the classic “Christmas Magic” is going to help the “slushy economy.” Gee, how heartwarming. -_-

(And no, I don’t mean the “War on Christmas” that’s people complaining about the Holidays getting secular. Hello, that’s been going on a long time? I can see how some folks would be disappointed but hey that’s part of how society evolves. Now, intentionally saying “Screw you, Christmas?” now that’s new (in commercials anyway.)

So Wilf, whatcha getting your fam for christmas?

Considering I barely have money to pay basics like water or power, the only thing I can share with my loved ones is my adoring presence… which they seem to enjoy a lot. :slight_smile:

(But If I HAD money I would buy things suited to everybody’s personalities. And hopefully by next Christmas, I will, if my study plans pay out.)