Radical dreamers

Has anybody heard of a game made between ct and cc but connected to them both. It’s called Radical dreamers. You may remember that as the band of theives Kid was part of. It never came out in america, or so I heard. I was wondering if it ever will.

Yeah, I’ve played and finished it… but it wasn’t related to CT or CC at all… was it?


Yes, we have. Demiforce finished translating it a long time ago (You can also get the patch here). Get the Radical Dreamers ROM, patch it and enjoy.

Ninten: CC was based off RD, you can even hear the RD introduction when you are on Chronopolis. If you are desperate to squeeze it into the continuity, it’s an alternate reality that somehow sprang between 1000 AD and 1006 AD, maybe when the Masamune was corrupted.

It’s like a choose your own adventure novel.

Thanks, but I don’t have an snes.

I’m sure there are snes emulators out there so you can play it on your PC.

I remember playing that a little, it had Kid and Serge in it, I dont remember if they were named that though… I think Magus was the third character.

Either way, it seems like Chrono Cross was at least inspired by what they attempted to do with Radical Dreamers.

They made another in the chrono name?I want a copy.But is it only meant for SNES?I assumed it would be meant for PS

Naw, its a SNES game made by square that resembles chrono cross’s characters. The music for the battles IS the same though, if you listen to it, its a pretty cool midi version.

Aside from that, I don’t think they are related, I think square just liked what they had going in that game and wanted to try again with a “better” game on “better” technology.

Yes, Kid and Serge are named and behave the same, except for Serge talking (He’s the narrator, after all) and being a lot more obvious about his feelings for Kid. The third party member is a very powerful black mage called Magil, who hangs around Kid because of unknown reasons and admits knowing the ancient wielder of the Masamune (Gee, I wonder WHO could that be.)

Radical Dreamers is text based right? Like, there aren’t any graphics or what?

There are very dark backgrounds and one or two shadowed images of the cast: Nothing significant, but enough to distinguish Serge’s omnipresent bandana and Kid’s outfit (Which is the same, only green). Lynx (Who looks human), Riddel (Who is a blond) and Radius are the only ones who can be seen clearly.

I had an snes emulator on my old comp. It didn’t work tho. ^_^;

Which one? Snes9x and Zsnes are pretty reliable.

Need a good emulator? Go ask Zophar. I hear hes hanging out in his domain

Or you could read the second stickied thread in this very same forum.

Here is a shortcut to what you want. Look at all the options and then do the only smart thing and get either Zsnes or Snes9x.