Radical Dreamers

So,I manage to find this game,completly in english too(thank you Internet)and I have to say that it really is a unique game for the SNES.I have to say that seeing were Crono Cross came from is very informative,besides it also has the original versions of some songs used in CC and they are still nice to listen too.Im not very far into the game but as far as I can see one of the only things they didn’t change from RD to CC is Kid’s personality and way of talking and the name of some people everything else recieved a major overhaul.

For those who don’t know Radical Dreamers is a text adventure made by square,and where Crono Cross came from,not a sequel but a different take in the story.

Dude, I loved the CC OST but Gale (That battle theme) fucking sucks, I can’t believe you liked it.

I found Serge’s obsession with Kid funny, considering he’s even more pussy-whipped here than in CC. Also, did you notice the “subtle” (Yes, that’s irony) references to who Magil might be?

Yes,Serge’s obsession with Kid is funny,especially when you go check the bed in one of the rooms,my complains about the game is that,up to were I am they never show anyone’s faces,and I doubt they will,and a small map would have been usefull.

Yes I have been getting the “subtle” references for Magil and I have to say that at least he is a bit more talkative in this game.

Nope, no faces, and no map. There are seven different “subchapters”, though, with totally different stories, ranging from sci-fi to whacked-out fantasy to drama, which is really neat.

Go Mick Van Jovi, Go! :smiley:

Really, the only chapter that relates to the history is “Le Tresor Interdit” and “Kid and Sunflower” can be thrown in without harming the continuity. The rest is just a joke.

[SPOILER]Radical Dreamer’s world is another offshoot of CC’s original “Another World”, right? Wasn’t it mentioned in a book found in Chronopolis?

Also, all this stuff about alternate worlds inside the CT/CC universe gives me hope that somewhere, in some version of the world, Dalton may still exist! Unless his timeline was eliminated or something, or he existed before the worlds split or something. But that portal has to lead somewhere! 8)[/SPOILER]

It’s an offshoot of something, and yes it was mentioned in Chronopolis, but pretty much just as a throw-out to RD fans, not as a serious part of the storyline. CC is based on RD, but RD isn’t part of the canon.

[SPOILER]The only way RD could be canon would be using the Angelus Errare/World Splitting paradox as an excuse, but there isn’t any record of anything that could have caused a new dimension to be born before Serge’s death, save for Lavos’ arrival in the prehistoric era, but that one is already used as the excuse to create Donopolis’ dimension.

So no, RD is not canon.

And about Dalton… you know, he’s my closest bet to the “Who stole the Masamune?” question. Yes it’s REALLY unlikely but he’s the only villain that did not die beyond any doubt and was either alive before 1005 or at least knew about time travel. But again, it’s REALLY UNLIKELY.[/SPOILER]

I remember when I was playing RD I had a sheet of paper next to me and made my own map. Eventually backtracking I got used to where most things were, but the concrete reference was nice. Y’know, I think I still have that sheet kicking around somewhere… XD

You sort of get a face shot of Kid in “Kid the Sunflower” don’t you? I remember that was one of the extra endings I actually got… XD

I hope you’re enjoying it, Mastermune! :biggrin:

RD was great fun. Interestingly enough, the Zero Wing end was completely added in from scratch when it was hacked.