Radiata Stories

I bought this today. I haven’t opened the box yet, but I figured I’d ask the people here what their experience with it was like.

I pretty much bought it because the case looks pretty and it claims to be made by the creators of Star Ocean and in one of the screens on the back it looks like it uses the same system.

Is it something to look forward to or something to dread?

Dread. Why didn’t you get DQ8 like I told you?

The box wasn’t pretty, and SO3 has the best system I’ve ever used in an RPG, so I’m hoping this lives up to it.

I did take a look at DQ8… It seemed like it was really not my style, and I mean REALLLYYY. Maybe I’ll rent it and find out or just go out and buy it some time soon.

It actually looked like a really sloppy game from what I saw, and I haven’t had the best experience with other DQ games, and there is a lot of other stuff I want, so those things influenced my choice as well.

DQ8 is one of the finest games put together yet; there’s nothing sloppy about it. Whether you like the system it uses is another question. If you didn’t like the battle systems of past DQ games…yeah, avoid it.

I loved this game is was awesome.
The reason i got it was becauase it was the same people who made star ocean3
it wasnt better that SO3 but its really good.

the battle system is kinda like SO3 except for the link system and when jack dies its over.
These game is Better than DQ8
But DQ8 was good two except Radiata stories and it are totally different

It’s not for everyone, I’ll tell you that. It gets boring sometimes, but not often. The battle system isn’t like SO3 to the tee, it’s more of a simpled down version. Customization of your character is excluded to only changing equipment pretty much. As it says on the box there’s 170 characters (I think, might’ve been 150), so you can pick your favorites, etc. It’s really easy, for one thing. It has high replayability due to two different endings.

It starts out with promise, the goes straight to hell. And for the love of fuck, take the Human path when prompted too. It sucks, but so does the Nonhuman path, and at least you aren’t stuck with nothing but tree huggers for party members.

I played a bit of this game last night, and the dialog is hilarious. I haven’t done a whole lot of fighting yet, but the system seems complex enough for me, and at least it’s in real time. I just hope some of the later enemies are actually hard, which they almost certainly wont be.

And of course the graphics are gorgeous. It’s Square-Enix.

So far I like it a lot.

So Hades, what <i>does</i> the Rose Cochon mean exactly?

the enemys should get hard unless your on insane levels but i didnt have a problem with enemys being to hard.

DQ8 is certainly finely-tuned, but has some annoyances that get out of hand, especially in the beginning of the game, and is about fifteen hours too long. Still, it’s definitely worth a playthrough.

Haven’t tried Radiata Stories. I have a love-hate relationship with tri-Ace (they generally have great ideas which are either poorly implemented, or accompanied by frustrations that make me tear my hair out). Valkyrie Profile 2 is just cementing that. -_-

Pink Pig. All the brigades are named in crappy French after a Color + Animal. Just like Noir Mutton (Black Sheep) and Rouge Lion (Red Lion). I say crappy because French nouns are supposed to go before adjectives (It should be Cochon Rose).

In case anybody wonders, Vancoor’s squads were badly-written numbers from several languages (Zweit should be Zwei, for example)

That is Radiata Stories all the way. The game oozes so much potential to be a hilarious and fun experience that I just can’t believe they ruined it like that.