Radiata Stories

I’ve been trying forever to get Caesar, but it isn’t working.

I have Gareth and Aldo in my party when I talk to him between 7PM and 11PM, whilst he’s staring at the fountain; and nothing happens. I’m currently right after choosing human path (I beat it non-human path before), and he just says “All men… must die” whenever I speak to him.

Am I missing something?

He won’t join pussies. You need to be at the very least level 31.

Okay, got it. :wink:

I’m trying to make a nice party of people who look cool, or are really awesome. I was planning on Miranda, Caesar, and Alicia, but then I saw Lily while getting Alicia, and she looks pretty cool.

I’d get Elwen, but I missed out on Gerald; so I fucked up there.

Should I choose Lily or Alicia?

I used Lily and she works pretty well. You’ll probably want to get Kain though. he has this healing spell that heals everyone for a good amount. Felix and Curtis aren’t bad either.

Aidan rocks, just cause you get +25% exp for having him in the party.

How do I get Kain?

For Kain, just like all the other guild leaders, you need to recruit every other member of Olacion. Still, I like Miranda better. She’s better at offensive, easier to get and while her healing is a tiiiiiiny bit weaker, she can heal status ailments (Kain cannot). Her AI is excellent too, so you can just focus on the offensive and she’ll cover your ass no problem.

Missing Gerald is something that’d warrant a re-play, because you need him for Elwen, and I can’t begin to describe the sheer amount of asswhooping that Elwen can hand out. Remember the fight against her in the non-human path? She’s really THAT strong in your party. The only character who even remotely comes close to her is Lenneth. Also, you need her to get Nyx, another major powerhouse.

As for Alicia Vs. Lily… go with Caesar :stuck_out_tongue: Seriously, they are both nice, but of the characters you have access to right now, Caesar is one of the best. If you HAVE to choose, Alicia is a bit stronger.

Aidan is a goddamn wuss. If you are training Jack, DO put him in your party AND equip the training device on Jack, you’ll get a 50% EXP bonus (Yes, they are accumulative), but kick him out as soon as you resume playing. Generally speaking, offensive spellcasters suck, the only one really worth the trouble is Curtis and even then there are better people to use than him.

For the record, my party was Jack, Elwen, Nyx and Miranda. After endgame, I replaced Nyx with Lenneth.

Alicia Vs. Lily… go with Caesar

I already have Caesar in my party. I chose Lily, as she seems less prone to attack (I was fighting the wind dragon, and she didn’t die a single time, whilst everyone save Jack died multiple times).

How do I go about getting that Fayt outfit? Is it any good?

Just check Ridley’s room during the night. It’s ok, but you can buy better armors right now.

Where is her room? If it’s in the castle; I tried getting in and the guards stopped me.

Eh? If you choose the human path, you should have regained your entrance privileges to the castle. Have you spoken with Larks already?

Yeah. I was invited to the castle.

Wait, did you only get the invitation? Because to actually enter, you need to sleep until noon, which’ll trigger a whole set of cutscenes, after which you’ll talk with Larks and get your entrance permit back. So go hit the sack if you haven’t done so.

Wait, what? I’ve already gone to the Wind Dragon place, and killed it, and when I came back I slept a few times; still unable to enter the castle.

Wait, wait, I remember. You have to do the Algandars Castle mission first.

Does it really matter if offensive spellcasters suck? Up until the bonus dungeon, pretty much every battle is all Jack anyway and your allies are just fluff.

What? no

try beating aphelion with jack only

Yeah, Aphelion is tough, but you only really need a healer. Anyway, I was thinking of Post-game strategy, which are the only instances in which you actually need a strategy. No matter how good Jack is, Queen is impossible if you don’t pick your allies right.

I should know, I fought her in the non-human path. What kind of twisted logic makes elves suck at healing?

Yeah, an easy way to win that is to have Jack in a corner, and the rest of the party shitting the boss up, and when she uses that godly attack, use a link and you’re safe.

You thought Miranda was better? I always liked Kain because he would always stay back and heal while Miranda would sometimes fight. Also, isn’t Kain’s healing like 35% while Miranda’s is 20%?

I meant Iris instead of Lily. I get those two mixed up all the time. A party of Felix, Kain and Iris will make any fire element enemy weep.