R.I.P. Les Paul (June 9, 1915 – August 13, 2009)

Les Paul was a legendary musician who helped innovate the world of guitar and recording music. He was one of the first to experiment with multitrack recording, and on top of that the Gibson Les Paul guitar model is named after him. He had a very distinguished style and until his death was looked at as a living legend. It’s a shame because he continued to play in a small jazz club every Monday in New York. I was actually thinking of taking the pilgrimage out to watch him sometime. R.I.P.


R.I.P. Les Paul :frowning:

The real tragedy is how this probably won’t stop Gibson from continuing their line of ridiculously overpriced and over-worshiped guitars of the same name. Pity.


R.I.P. Les Paul

He lived a town over from me. What sort of rich bastard will move in to keep the property tax on overdeveloped land obscenely high now?

An excellent guitarist, and he came up with some pretty cool ideas for the electric guitar, too. My grandfather got to play with him, once, I guess.

Had forgotten he was still alive. That certainly makes his dying more impressive.

He was over 90 and still jamming?

He lived a full life, indeed. I’m sure he didn’t leave any of his stones unturned.