Quote worthy

Man, I didn’t know we could get prostitute enlargements…maybe it comes with the job of a Federal Chairman.

I laughed

Crazy politicians 8P

Good one Z.

Here’s another lame one, complete lie at that, considering Iraq’s aim was Koweit, not America.

Hey it may be a lie, but it’s still good!

hehe… Although the Bush quote is just plain stupidity on his part.

I like the first one. It’s funny.

Here’s to you, Bushy!

That first one must have been SO embarrassing for a lot of people. lol!

Actually, supposedly, there is some sort of evidence for a Hussein-backed assassination attempt of Bush the Elder in 1993 [I don’t have a lot of info on this; and I’m not even sure if it ever got past the planning stage before it was “found out” so to speak]. Bush the Dimmer is probably referring to that, rather than Gulf War I.

Heh, they are kind of funny, but i’ve been up fore a mere 10 minutes too.

Originally posted by GG Crono 4
Here’s to you, Bushy!

<img src=“http://www.rpgclassics.com/staff/tenchimaru/td.gif”> God, I almost died when I saw that. Stupid omnipopups. They made me paranoid.

That song won’t stop playing…

Sings along

You are an idiot ahahaha…trails off

Ah yes, where would we be without politicians saying stupid things? :wink: The world of sport has also recently suffered with the retirement of Murray “with half the race gone there’s still half the race to go” Walker, but at least with George W. in charge, we’re guaranteed a good laugh from time to time :o

The Bush ones aren’t so funny simply due to the sheer amount of stupid public speech blunders he makes.

The second one is fair, but the first one is great. :slight_smile:

GG: How DID you discover that site? :o

Want a pretzel?


And I hate that link. I think it deserves a ban like the “other” link. ><

Originally posted by OmegaflareX
GG: How DID you discover that site? :o

I punched “You are an idiot” into Yahoo!. :slight_smile:

I accidentily stumbled onto the one that bounces before I found this one. :frowning:

…Am i a Idiot?..Is Bush a Idiot?..and the answer folks is: yes

This just brings more meaning to the phrase: “Think before, and not after, you speak.” It’s a good idea; decreases your chance of looking like an idiot.