Quick Symphony of the Night question

I don’t have my PSX with me to break out the original and check myself… but I don’t seem to remember Alucard being able to wield a separate 1-hander in each hand and use them independently. The 360 version has X for left hand attack and B for right hand, as I recall you only equip one weapon and that was it. Or maybe I’m just old and senile.

I got a one-hander… I mean, two hander in my pants.

Carry on.

One hand was a weapon and the other was a shield. You could use your shield with the left hand. You couldn’t equip two weapons though.

and so microsoft has modified yet another classic…

No, that’s the same sort of setup PSX had (I think it was X for left hand and O or Square for right hand).

ah well thank god for that. I have to admit that the concept has always been a cool one :smiley:

Old and senile… yes that is how it works I’m just an idiot and forget. Overall I’m pretty impressed with the quality of the port. I’ll put a full write-up up later this evening / tonight so the SOTN shrine can get updated.

Wait…you couldn’t equip two weapons?

Then…why was I able to use a sword in the right hand and the Fist of Tulkas (or whatever it’s called) in the left hand in the PSX version? Maybe you could only equip certain weapons in both hands.

You most certainly can equip two different 1-handed weapons at once in the PSX version. So you can roll with a crissaegrim in one hand and a runesword in the other. That’s my setup. Of course, two chakrams or runeswords are nice as well.

You can use 2 dif 1 handers.

I guess I’m even older and more senile than Rast then. 8p Or maybe I just always had shields equipped.

Shields are for the weak, you don’t need to block anything if you can kill it before it hits you!

Isn’t the Alucard Shield supposed to be hotness in a defensive device, though?