Quick question

When is the chat room the most busy? Cuz I’ve been popping in every now and then for the past few years. And there seems to be zero percent activity. So… what the fuck?

It stopped being busy when I left.

There’s been a small amount of activity during 04:00-06:00 GMT lately, but mostly, it’s been verrrrry quiet… I just might have to post on the main forum to get some discussion running.

Like the rest of RPGC, it’s sorta dead community-wise.

Well I have a solution for that.

If you have a solution, I’d like to hear it! I want it to be not dead, too.

Unless, of course, the solution is just “start talking.” If that’s the case, I dub thee “Fetus Breath the Oversimplifier.”

Just say something. I’ll respond. I spend waaaayyy too much time in chat.

Vorpy is a true patriot, in the chat.

I wonder what my solution was…

…was what, Charlemagne?
Great ideas here - thanks for sharing peeps.

Let’s not go to the Chat. 'Tis a silly place. I much perfer it here insert banging coconuts sound/horse trotting sound here