I was wondering. Is there a general RPG forum?? And if not why not make one?? And why are there only three RPG series that get their own forum’s. I can name about 4 more for you people. But if you want to make a forum for gneral RPG’s just to keep the community simple and not have a worthless 8 forum’s, Just make a general one so people can talk about RPG’s not listed. Just an idea…

The FFC is a forum for the Final Fantasy Compendium dicussion, plus FF is huge and it saves the VG forum being overrun with Advent Children threads. Saga Maniac Community is the remnants of another forum (I think), and Realms of the Dragon is the D&D game entirely, not just it’s videogames. Everything else goes in Videogames because there’s not really much point in making a forum for say Ys or Dragon Warrior when only four or five threads will ever be created about it. As for creating a new RPG forum, why? The Videogame forum holds those nicely.

Oh ok. Thank’s. You can close this now…

It’s not clo-osed… :stuck_out_tongue:


Probably because we assume people won’t be dicks and post in threads that are essentially over.

Oh wait.