Well i’m just asking for some advice cuz of something…
Is like this i’m in 10ºgrade now and like everybody else i had to choose to wich type of classes (i forgot the other word X_X; ) to follow and i choosed arts no one criticised it but sudently i have been “bombed” with questions and people annoying me like hell i’m getting in a pressure that is making me lose concentration i need to study and i start to think i should give up on everything… :too bad: (oh please Manus Dei if u ever read this don’t tell anything to mom -_-;;; she will probably annoy me like hell… )if anyone has an opinion please… T_T;

I’m not exactly sure what it is you are asking for help on… It may be because I’m tired, but could you rephrase the question for me?

(I be simple peoples here, peez take your time wif me.)

(hey no prob maybe i’m just doing a storm in water cuz i’m depressed… )my problem is all my life i wanted to take care of little kids but i have a huge talent in arts and i’m trying to follow it but ppl only say it wasn’t a good choise and i gonna fail and stuff to make me unsure i am now i needed to know if …anyone think i should give up or what to do -_-;;

“Talent” is an innate born ability that you naturally do well. “Artistic Talent” is a misleading word that people even quote from the dictionary when I give this speech to try and prove me wrong, but here we go:

If you are talking about your skill as an artist pertaining to your “Drawings” or “Paintings” heres the thing. Drawing is a mechanical skill, just like writing. Some people unknowingly make absurd comments like “I wish I could draw as good as you, youre soooo talented.” While the theory behind that statement is nice, the simple fact is, drawing well is not a “Talent” it’s a SKILL.

When someone says “youre so talented, Sean, I wish I could draw that good”, that says to me that the person has no idea the time and effort I have put into my “drawings” for the past 20 years of my life. They pass off this SKILL, this developed ability that I have taught myself through books, practice, and classes as some innate ability that I was born doing well. That pisses me off.

As for the term “Artistic Talent” as quoted in websters, I can only guess that it is refering to the idea that a person has a natural talent for seeing things in an artistic way. I still, however, disagree that this is a born ability due to the fact that you can be TAUGHT how to observe and harness that skill, thus going against websters as well.

Either way, the answer to your question is not what we can tell you, but what you really want. Just like you should take our advice with grain of salt, also take the same precautions not to think too much about the cruel things people will say to you. If you are truly interested in developing your drawing or painting skills, then practice. A silly highschool class is CERTAINLY not going to make a difference in that aspect of your life.

You can get more out of reading books like “Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain” by Betty Edwards (there are others, but it’s 5:00am and i can’t remember my drawing books from last years class so I’ll PM you with some more soon.

Also, this advice is priceless. It’s a hard road if you havent tried it yet, but if you are serious then the following steps will be golden for you:

(As quoted from Eatpoo’s Forums )

Practice! Practice, practice, practice. The more you draw, the better you will become. Do not practice blindly, repeating your mistakes over and over again. Try and see what is weak in your art (or ask others), and work on those areas. Keep a series of sketchbooks, so you can see your improvement over time. Draw at every possible free moment. During school and lectures is a popular time. Force yourself to draw every day, if only to do a ten minute sketch.

Start with the basics! Many beginner artists attempt to copy their favourite cartoon and comic characters without understanding how they were created by the original artist. Most of these artists took years of practice and study to get to where they are now. Copying your favourite art might be fun, but if you want to be a better artist, learn fundamentals like anatomy, color theory, perspective and composition. Read books! Take art classes or courses. Pay attention to what the experienced artists say to the beginner artists on online forums like Eatpoo. Beginners often tackle coloring before they are really ready. Practice form first - learn how to capture the shapes of objects using lines (ie learn how to draw before you try painting). Then progress to value and shading - adding light and shadow, and exploring texture and edges, before you tackle color. Start by drawing simple objects like fruit before tackling more complex forms like the human body.

Draw from life. It might be fun to draw anime chicks and beefy dudes with swords, but remember that the basis of all fantasy is reality. Drawing from real life will greatly improve the way you draw from your imagination. Enrol in figure drawing classes. If that’s not possible, just go out in public and draw people as they go about their business, or draw your family, friends and pets while they are reading, sleeping, or watching television. Draw the things around your desk. Draw buildings. Even drawing from photographs is a lot better practice than drawing from your mind.

Learn anatomy. Even if you only draw cartoons or anime, basic knowledge of anatomy is essential to drawing humans. Almost every beginner artist needs to improve in their anatomy. Borrow or buy a book, and study the muscles and bones of the body. You don’t need to know every single part and its name - just the big bits will do. Remember that you have a body too - get naked and pay attention to the where the muscles are and how they change shape as you move.

Study master paintings. At times their work might seem boring or outdated, but keep in mind that the art of today was built on the art of yesterday. There are certain fundamentals that form the basis to all art as a visual medium, no matter what the subject matter is or when it was created. These include composition, color, edges, and more. By studying the fundamentals of master painters you will come to a greater understanding of these aspects, and learn how to apply them to your own art. Visit art galleries in your area, borrow books about great painters and art movements.

Learn multiple disciplines. Every creative activity you pursue will enhance your knowledge of this world and the way you and others see it. The study an activity will improve your skills in others. For example, learning sculpture can improve a 3d modeller’s perception of form, and learning photography can improve an illustrator’s perception of light. It is not uncommon to find artists who work professionally in multiple fields.

Do not dwell on a single inspiration source. Many beginner artists try and mimic a single artist - Frank Frazetta, Joe Maduriera and Masamune Shirow are popular idols. There is only so much you can learn from a single artist, and your art will probably look like a pale imitation of their work. View work by as many artists as you can, and try and see what makes each unique. Eventually your own style will develop.

Build a collection of images… Exposure to the creative fruit of others will often inspire you and open your mind to the ways others see the world. Don’t just collect art like yours or art that you’d like to create - try and get a range of styles, and of different media. Photography can also be very inspiring, and will teach you a lot about framing, light and color. The internet is the cheapest option, but it can be limited in terms of quality and range. Art books are notoriously expensive, but can sometimes be found discounted. National Geographic magazine is worth subscribing to.

Getting inspired. Many beginner artists complain that they lack inspiration. There are many things you can do to inspire yourself. The most obvious is to experience the creativity of others - watch movies, listen to music, read books, view art and photography. Visit the zoo, toy store, or antique shops, or any place you seldom or never go to. Do something differently from the way you normally act. Get away from the television - the TV is usually telling you what to think, rather than stimulating your creativity.

Save and backup! When working digitally, save you work to the hard drive every few minutes. If you have the room, create a backup copy of your file at important stages, in case your current file corrupts or you screw it up (happens to the best of us). To protect against hard disk failures, you should burn your work to CD as often as possible. There have even been cases of years of work vanishing when CDs are stolen or lost, so you may want to create a backup set to store at a different location. There’s nothing worse than losing several years of portfolio work just before applying for an art college.

Experiment. Be daring in your art! Try new techniques. Mess around with your brush settings in your paint program.

Set yourself exercises. A good way to improve yourself is to do the same drawing or painting exercise day after day. For example, you could set yourself to copy a particular photograph or master painting, or do ten figure sketches, or a storyboard.

This is ALOT of stuff to digest at once, but the guidelines are there.

Take whatever class you want to help progress your career, and use this for art. It’ll do more for you than any highschool class can.

That’s all for now.

Hope this helps in some way.

Gah, Mao is coming to haunt me…!!! -runs-
…wait, you’re Manus’… sister? Or brother? Interesting. Welcome.
And you might want to get used to that pressure. It won’t become less you know :stuck_out_tongue: I’d say, if your talent in arts is really that big, I’d go for that. However, you might also want to consider that every second kid’s dream today is becoming a famous artist (mainly anime/ manga. Is that surprising? :P), so unless you’re like toly elite, you’ll at least have one hell of a rough way ahead of you, like so many others; and will most likely end up poor. If you really like working with kids though and stuff, I’d recommend you to some pedagogic education. Considering you’re in Portugal, you might actually have a chance with that.

I really don’t get what’s wrong or what the problem is. If you like art and are good at it (as in good, not everyone going “ah that’s so good” like they might on this message board because they just want to sound nice), then yeah its a good idea. If not, then a little diversity is useful.

Bear this in mind, we don’t know what your school system is like and systems vary across types of schools and countries (even if slightly) so your saying “arts” doesn’t tell us anything about how your school works or what’s open to you or why something would be better or worse than something else, so you should explain to us what that is.

Furthermore, something you’ll learn as you grow up is that you shouldn’t rely on outside opinion to tell you who you are or what you want to do. If you do so, you’ll always have problems and you’ll be another mindless member or our putrefic civilization.

Also, you really don’t seem to have much of a clue as to what you want. I’ve seen a lot of different kinds of people, and the “I like to take care of kids” doesn’t mean anything as to what your future will be like. Its just like all the freshmen at my university that say they want to be doctors. They say that but they don’t know what it means or what it takes. You may like that as of now, but I think you should be a little more open minded as to what’s out there and really find out how it works and what it takes. But guess what, you’re young, you have plenty of time, so you shouldn’t let yourself be bothered for not having all the answers. Just enjoy life and see what it has to offer.

From the sound of it you just seem to have a lot of insecurities. I’ve said this to many people, few have listened because most people are weak. You have to face your insecurities and you need to get over them. Easier said than done, but if you don’t, they’ll haunt you forever.

Try to see if your artistic talent is real (Send your work to some contest, magazine or something in that area). If you get good result, that’ll make everyone who said you’d fail shut up. If you don’t, either keep practicing or decide on a different course of action.

I suggest you research a little on what professions require your skills and if any of those has any (economical) future. Like Sin said “Taking care of kids” is brutally general.

All in all, there are two things you should consider doing:

  1. RELAX. You are young, you have time. Even if you start a career and it doesn’t turn out as you expected, you’ll still have a chance of a new start.

  2. Listening to other people’s opinions is good, but it’s your life you are talking about and it’s your call. If you like something, you are good at it and you have a shot at making a living trough it, tell everyone to fuck off and just focus on your studies.

I hope you have some English classes.

Her English seems acceptable enough for someone from Portugal, she just needs to learn how to use our good friend The Period.

Better than mine at least.

yes i know i need to learn more english -_-;; my problem is in the other forums everybody seems to talk like this X_X;; so i got usued to… and yes i am Manus Dei sister <<;;; but really i know talent might be a big word to someone like me…but really i’m still recovering of something that happened and i get too sensible when someone tries to change my head but it’s kinda confusing because they all said i should follow my heart and stuff but when i said i chosed arts they went all “beserked” at me and guys thanks ^^;;; i know English isn’t my strong point X_X;; and no need to get kinda mad cuz i can’t spell right some stuff (by the way what’s the problem with Manus ?? O_O;;; i know he’s a psyko XD )

It’s “berserk” and don’t worry, half of us are grammar nazis, so we’ll straighten up your speech eventually, like it or not :slight_smile:

You are welcome, just stay calm and remember that this isn’t the end of the world.

youra girl?! ha…cool…and people suck so dotn listen to them…and if they are gay to you punch them in the face aand then be like they were raping me…

You don’t need to learn english, just start using a lot of periods, commas, and proper spelling, and no one will notice your grammar sucks :stuck_out_tongue:

It worked for me. Sort of >.>

^^ thanks for correcting me and yeah i know it’s not the end of the world ^^;; but i’m a very nervous person when i have any problem and hey thanks for being so nice to me ^-^is shockedyeah i am a girl XD !!! duh why ppl think…diferent o-o;; ???

(Refrians from Quoting FARTs about Lunaris Teaching CATS to Grammer Lessons)

You’re Engish is better than My Portguese. If you talking about art, If you ever want Interviews with Potters, I’m the Man, Or My Mum really is.

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yeah uhn ^^;;;; if you guys knew the forums i’m in o-o;; no one talks normal english (i bet they came from Mars o.o; ) so it’s kinda hard to get usued again to speak properly -.-; and thanks ^-^ but like Manus Dei i don’t have much time to be on …and sincerely i can’t show up any of my art X_X;

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