Question to MGS3 players *spoiler warning*

When you started playin, did you notice things that kinda gave information away to you…you know, things that just don’t seem…right…?

[spoiler]When I started MGS3, the first thing I noticed was Big Boss in the Raiden mask…but with GREEN eyes. (I KNEW it was Big Boss from just reading that the game was in the 60s) It was something about those eyes that told me…“This person…isn’t who the game wants you to think he is…”

The Shagohod was another thing, after playing MGS3, I beat MGS2 again & noticed a LOT of foreshadowing in MGS2, check the game out again, I think you’ll notice.

Another (obviously) is Ocelot. By the end (if you let the credits go…duh) you’ll come to the obvious realization that he is the SAME Ocelot…he just hasn’t been called Shalashaska yet. Also…him having an American dialect instead of Russian…interesting indeed.

Who else KNEW that Eva was going to screw Big Boss over from the get go?

Another giveaway to Big Boss is his knowledge. Though he was still green, he had much more knowledge than Snake ever showed. His fear of vampires is another giveaway.[/spoiler]

Anyway, discuss the MGS story & such!

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Wrong forum.

The whole Raiden thing in MGS3 was a joke. If you wear the Raiden Mask at the Beginning, then put it on again after you talk to the Boss on the Radio, call Major Tom/Zero. Funny dialogue.

Ocelot has american accent, because he is an american. If you pay close attention, you’ll see that Ocelot is The Boss’ son. He was taken by the Philisophers and was trained by them. He actually works for the CIA!

Eva is a whore.

Yes, yes she is.

This will soon be taken out of context by Eva herself.

Back on topic Speaking of funny things when you wear the Raiden mask while fighting Volgin, you can get some free hits in, and the he gets really pissed at you.

I assumed everyone was speaking Russian in the game, only we were hearing it as english. Since when you first meet Eva, she says “your russian is very good” when in fact you’ve just heard them speek english


Really? That’s awesome, I’m gonna do that the next time I play and fight him.

The reason that is, is because Raikov & Volgin apparently had some sort of “relationship” according to in-game spoilers.

I didn’t realize THAT was Ocelot’s origin…although I did notice they look alike.

That’s because Volgin was sadistic bisexual bastard.

“I know Ivan better than anyone else…”


Eva reminded me of the whole bond girl thing I hated about the 007 movies… and MGS 3 was good… though could’ve been better without EVA showing up every cutscene and trying to get snake to mount her…

Oh yeah, you’re right


I like how angry Volgin would get when you punched him with the Raiden mask on. ARRGGGHHHH WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT? ARRGGHHH